ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — “Dr. Harry Beaver” outgrew his welcome at Lake Brantley High School according to police investigating its own resource officer.

Reports detailing the internal investigation suggest officer Donnie Riggins took the task of appearing cool to students too seriously — or not seriously at all.

Principal Mary Williams told police Riggins sometimes communicated tastelessly with students in the halls and on the school’s morning television show, which is broadcast to nearly 3,100 people each morning. The show regularly features Riggins speaking on matters relating to law enforcement.

In one example, Williams told police Riggins intentionally used a young teacher’s name in a hypothetical and embarrassing situation.

Though Riggins intended to warn students about the dangers of drinking and driving, he delivered the following message.

“Mrs. Cahill walks up to you. She starts to give you the dirty eye. All of a sudden, she says to you, ‘Hey, Baby.’ Now understand something, nothing good ever follows, ‘Hey, Baby.'”

In the scenario, the hypothetical student is drinking, but Mrs. Cahill asks for a ride home.

“Now you know you’ve been drinking alcohol,” he continued, “but after all, it’s Mrs. Cahill.”

Cahill told police the skit flopped in her classroom and throughout the school.

Principal Williams added that just two weeks after the incident and after chiding Riggins for it, he dressed as a gynecologist on Halloween.

A tag on his chest read “gynecologist” but one under his nameplate had a pseudonym: Dr. Harry Beaver.

Cosmetology teacher Abigail Badley told police she said, “Seriously? In light of all that is happening, why are you doing this?”

She told police that Riggins needs to “lay low” for awhile. Assistant principal Joe Trybus said he lives in a different world and got too comfortable with students before saying he’s had an overall positive impact.

Concluding the investigation, police removed Riggins from the post and assigned him remedial sensitivity training.


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