VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL (CBS Tampa) – Volusia County authorities arrest four after two small children were found in a car with 15 pounds of marijuana and a loaded handgun.

Police charged Adrian Menchaca, 27, Jennifer Speece, 19, and Jose Torres-Trevino, 28, with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and two counts of child neglect after Sunday’s arrest.

The two small children were not in restraints, as required by state law.

The three suspects are being held on $14,000 bond apiece.

A fourth suspect, Janette Palomares, was charged with a narcotics offense and two counts of child neglect. She was released from the scene and given a notice to appear in court.

All four suspects are from Wimauma, a suburb south of Tampa.

The Florida Department of Children & Families took custody of the children.

According to police, the seized marijuana has a street value of around $22,500.

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  1. massvocals says:

    this whole i idea of life not happening while your in procession of MJ is joke held by the rotten enforcement of pot laws and those wwho support this crime should be in prison not the smokers or the sellers the profit made over and over thousands of time by the courts and police for over time and all this amounts to what another bust year after year same old same old while the public support legalizing over 69 % even the law federal wise was not voted by the people but by Nixon what a slam and a crime sham on the police again

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