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Recently our very own Gossip Girl Kaylee DeFer opened up her personal closet to those at Us Weekly.” They were not amused by the chaos of a wardrobe that DeFer revealed.

We were elated to find that we’re not the only ones with malfunctioning wardrobes! It feels good to know that fashionista’s like DeFer have messy closets too! Of course, with the help of a professional organizer the mess was turned magic into minutes, but it can’t hurt to try and DIY our way to Gossip Girl organized closet status.

So, what is key to having a celebrity quality closet? Neat, visible, and accessible.

Keeping all bags in line, at eye level and organized by size and shape.

Conserving space with recommended “Huggable Hangers” ($10 for 10). These hangers are so thin that they make room you never thought you had in your closet. Sticking with one color is recommended for a more uniform pattern.

Display jewelry in compartments in a divided tray so jewelry stays visible and accessible. This way, once you have selected your outfit you can quickly and collectively pull your jewelry. You’re now your own personal stylist.

Finally? Organize clothes by hue. If your very meticulous by hue and then by season are how the real pros organize celebrity closets. Organize shoes by color, heel height and season.

What are you waiting for? We don’t have personal organizers so what was a couple hours for DeFer is a day’s work for us, but so worth it. Go Re-discover your closet!

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