Fashion Shoe Rant

Zoe Stiling

This year’s fall shoe trend? Construct your own. Add shoe cobbler to your résumé because these trends require specialty training. Many aspiring “fashionistas” are indicating that this is the trend this fall.

An Israeli design student believes her shoe (Source) caters to any young girl, or woman who appreciates a good trend-setting shoe. Her hope was to solve the female dilemma of a shortage of shoe styles… previously this served as the perfect excuse for some therapeutic shoe shopping. But now, you can switch 5 rubber-looking parts around to create your own transformer! I mean shoe.

Perhaps it’s in the manual that comes with such a contraption, but what if a “part” happens to give out one day? Are you to call up your shoe mechanic and have he, or she orders another part? If one part flops you no longer have five different shoes, you have zero.

Another player in the game of shoe shenanigans is the creative minds at United Nude. Here, the “Moon Life” project, aimed at space travel and the speculation of future living in space, is addresses with such a shoe. Artists, architects and designers put their heads together to create this (Source) stripper moon stiletto. We can only hope this will excite NASA enough to start the space program again.


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