By Bradley Walker, 1010 Sports

NEW YORK (CBS) Dominic Moore came through in a big way for the Tampa Bay Lightning last night. A backhanded goal from Moore tied the game late in the third period, then his lone goal in the shootout gave the bolts the 3-2 victory against the New York Rangers.

The needed win came after five consecutive losses for the Lightning, who seemed to be falling into the same trap when they conceded the first goal to Ryan Callahan to make it a 1-0 affair. Despite the early deficit, Tampa Bay remained persistent and overcame adversity to avoid a league-high sixth straight loss.

Martin St. Louis suffered facial injuries during the morning skate when Moore let a backhanded shot go wide, catching the face of St. Louis. Last night would have been Marty’s 500th consecutive game played, but Moore made up for the accident in more ways than one.

Ryan Malone tied the game at 11:23 in the second when he stole the puck from New York defenseman Ryan McDonagh in the Rangers’ zone and buried a wrister to even the score.

Artem  Anisimov gave the Rangers its second lead of the night thanks to some nifty passing from Michael Del Zotto and Brandon Zubinsky, but Anisimov’s goal celebration garnered most of the attention. After scoring, he used his stick to act like he was taking shots at the Lightning net, which turned out to be a terrible idea.

The foolishness resulted in 11 penalties overall and was arguably the biggest distraction that lost the Rangers this game. Moore’s late game heroics stole the show though, and he has to be feeling better about himself after the unfortunate injury he inflicted upon St. Louis.

Guy Boucher and the bolts got a good win last night, but they still have a tremendous amount of work to do. With more losses than wins, losing 5-of-6 and 10-points behind the first place Panthers in the Southeast division, consistency needs to be the word of the month for this squad.



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