VERO BEACH, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — A local couple was arrested after a lighthearted display of one suspect’s behind led to an assault with a screwdriver.

Mary Ingram, 43, and her husband Floyd Mosley, 50, were arrested Nov. 28 after threatening another man with a screwdriver. The victim, Sherman Shelley, was allegedly not injured.

An arrest affidavit provided to CBS Tampa by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office stated that the incident began with a jocular conversation.

“During the horse-play, Mary turned and stuck her buttocks out and dared Sherman to hit her,” the affidavit states. “Sherman took off his belt and joking spanked Mary. Mary’s mood switched from playful to upset.”

The situation, as well as Ingram’s temperament, deteriorated from there. A verbal altercation ensued between her and Shelly, after which she returned to her home.

Her departure only marked calm before the storm, however.

“A few minutes later Mary returned with her husband, Floyd Mosley, behind her. Mary was carrying a screwdriver and was now yelling at Sherman,” the affidavit reads. “Sherman took a few steps back to stay out of her reach.”

Shelly reportedly noted to authorities that Ingram never verbally threatened to stab him, but that she attempted to hit him with the tool all the same.

Mosley, who reportedly yelled at Shelly for disrespecting Ingram before taking the screwdriver from his wife, tried to stab Shelly himself with the screwdriver, but was stopped when Shelly punched him in the face, ending the fight.

Several witnesses corroborated Shelly’s story. Ingram herself confessed, and was arrested.

Both Ingram and Mosley were charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and taken to the Indian River County Jail.

According to records posted on the website for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, they have both been released on $2,500 cash bonds.

Ingram and Mosley are due to appear in court on Jan. 17 of next year.


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