Cop Keeps Pension Despite Sex And Drug Allegations, Threatening To Shoot Officer

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A former Tampa police officer who had sex in a patrol car while on duty, paid for sexual acts in exchange for money or cocaine, and threatened to shoot his fellow cops will continue to receive his pension.

Matthew Dolitsky was a well-regarded corporal for a unit called Quick Uniform Attack on Drugs, an elite Tampa police unit. But three years ago, the department launched two yearlong internal investigations against Dolitsky after receiving a tip that he was trading drugs and money in exchange for sex. When investigators decided that evidence indicated of the allegations being true, Dolitsky, who had threatened to shoot a colleague around that same time, resigned from the squad before he could be fired.

By resigning instead of getting fired, it has allowed Dolitsky to collect his pension, amounting to $27,142 a year for the rest of his life, despite the investigation. The amount adds up to more than $1 million if Dolitsky, 46, lives to see his 86th birthday.

“He was not terminated, he was not prosecuted,” Pension Fund Executive Director Jennifer Campbell said at a recorded pension hearing, according to WTSP.

There has been a report of at least one Pension Fund member attempting to block Dolitsky’s pension. “There was no admission of guilt. That has already taken place and it’s not like the police department is going to bring him back, reinvestigate and fire him again.”

Investigators proved the Dolitsky had sexual encounters with four women while he was on duty, some of those occurring in his assigned police car, according to the internal affairs investigation. The investigation also found that Dolitsky was trading narcotics and cash in for sex.

In February 2008, when it was believed that Dolitsky caught wind of the investigation against him, he completely pulled out his firearm from his holster in the QUAD office, stating that he would “take out the IA witnesses against him,” according to the details of the investigation.

“What would you do if I shot you?” Dolitsky asked a fellow colleague at the time. Dolitsky would resign shortly thereafter.

The State Attorney’s Office decided in June 2008 not to file charges against Dolitsky. A letter from the State Attorney’s Office outlined that while elements of perjury were present in the case, there still wouldn’t be enough evidence to obtain a conviction.

Another underlying issue concerns Dolitsky’s police certification, which he still has despite the investigation. WTSP reports that even if the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was to strip Dolitsky of his certification, his pension will remain untouched.

In September of this year, the Pensions Board requested for special counsel from the Coral Gables firm Sugarman & Susskind to review Dolitsky’s case to see if it would warrant a possible pension forfeiture proceeding. The Florida firm’s review revealed that there wasn’t a strong enough case for Dolitsky to forfeit his pension.

“Mr. Dolitsky has not been convicted of any offense, and his termination was not ‘by reason of his … admitted commission, aid, or abetment of a specified offense,’” the firm wrote to the Pensions Board. “Therefore these circumstances do not warrant forfeiture.”


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