“Gossip Girl” Angry #Chair Tweeters

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Dear Twitter Followers and Fellow Chair (Chuck and Blair) Addicts,

We’ve got a lot of tweets recently and can tell that a lot of people are aggravated at the GG Writers for how season five is coming together. We agree!

Below are some of the tweets we’ve received. BTW, We love tweets so keep them up!

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GG fans are mad that Chuck and Blair are not together and that Blair is marrying that asshole Louis. Believe us, we understand your anger.. Although the same writers that we are mad at are the ones who have gotten us so involved in this show. They are the reason that we love Chuck and Blair so much. We don’t think that they would build this love story up for five seasons, just to ruin it with Blair marrying that Louiser (loser)..lol.

Also I don’t think that the GG writers would portray Louis (D-bag) the way that they have been, and Chuck (Mr. IDoYogaWithARealMonk) the way that he has been portrayed recently just to have Blair end up with Louis. The reason we watch Gossip Girl is to see Chuck and Blair try and figure out their lives and also figure out how they can make it work together despite all the obstacles between them. We think that the GG writers know that if Louis and Blair end up together that there will be a lot of angry GG fans. *Obvi, look at the tweets above!* Fans have invested years watching this show, they shouldn’t be disappointed and hopefully won’t be.

I do think that GG writers are going to push this (Blouis) storyline as far as they can go, they want a royal wedding. Royal weddings are so hot right now.. lol. But we have a feeling it’s not going to go as smoothly as Blair has planned for. Something big is definitely going to happen in the 100th episode that we think will change everything. Just not quite sure how it will all go down.

We know in our hearts that Chuck and Blair will end up together in the end. It is meant to be. So keep watching, you don’t want to miss what happens when the storyline turns in our favor. XOXO!


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