I was so hoping this weekend The Muppets would rise to the occasion and knock Bella and “team so and so” from the top of the box office.  They had positive reviews, that they would cross generations like it did for my kids and me. It even had the long holiday weekend where family films usually rule. Unfortunately Kermit and the gang came up short and the “Twihards” made Breaking Dawn: Part 1 the number one movie at the box office for a second straight week.

When I saw the numbers come down this weekend it made me start to think. How is this possible? I mean I know how it is possible with all the teen girls and lonely older women eating this stuff up, but the bottom line is these movies are not very good. Now before everyone starts saying how much of a hater I am just hear me out. I give all movies a chance; chick flicks,  horror movies, period pieces, you name it… they all have a place in my movie collection, but these Twilight movies are just not good. Firstly, Kristen Stewart’s acting is terrible in these movies and I have even heard that die-hard Twilight fans agree with me on this.  She has the same expression on her face in every scene where she looks like she’s smelling a fart.  Secondly, the special effects are terrible. Those are some of the worst looking CG wolves I have ever seen.  The Transformers movies which may be the male version of the Twilight films are terrible but at least it’s beautiful crap Michael Bay is putting on the big screen.  I remember seeing the sneak preview of the first Twilight film and laughing in the theaters of the shots of Bella and Edward jumping from tree to tree in the forest. Lastly, the story is pretty boring and the pace of the movies are too slow.  Also what’s up with these vampires being able to go out in the sun without some special power or artifact.  These vamps just glow like diamonds. Seriously, diamonds. Aren’t they supposed to burst into flames or explode, not shine like a big pretty ring?!

Maybe it’s a good thing I have been subjected to the Twilight films.  I always tell people that it’s good to see some really bad movies that way you know what a good film is when you see it. I can tell you right now when you get past the whole Team Jacob, sad vampires, and lovey-dovey dialogue these are just bad movies. Although women living in a fantasy land just can’t seem to get enough. The only solace I have in the this whole Twilight mess is that there is only one more left and then it will be over. It kind of makes you wonder, if this story is so great then why are there no more books coming? Maybe it’s because even Stephenie Meyer knew the story wasn’t going anywhere and had gotten sillier and sillier along the way.  Vampire C-sections?  Give me a break and a decent movie to watch instead.  If you want to watch some real vampires check out The Vampire Diaries on this network Thursdays at 8pm.  I promise you they won’t glow like diamonds.

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