Florida Fashionista’s Fall Dilemma

Britny Matthew

Fall, the season we girls long for. With the changing of seasons comes the changing of our wardrobe- boots, sweaters, scarves and more!

Wait…we live in the Sunshine State.  While the temperature might indicate to you northerners that fall has arrived, for us southerners, our only sign of the season change is the early morning news announcement of its calendar arrival.

September, you put us in such a predicament. Do we forsake our comfort for our love of fashion? Or do we force ourselves to eagerly wait for cooler temperatures?

Patience is not my virtue, so I am not very good at waiting around while everyone else gets to have fun. It’s like Christmas being postponed, but only for us warm weather peeps. And as a cruel punishment, we are forced to watch as others marvel in the excitement of the new-found holiday crispness.

This Friday, the 23rd, marks the first day of Fall, and I refuse to wait to wear this seasons must-have items. My advice dear Florida girls is we must dress then to the day-part, not the season. We will wear the new fall must have pieces, however, our fashion forward selves will dawn them at the appropriate times of day. For boots, night rendezvous are perfect. For sweaters, early morning coffee runs will do.

So dear September, you might not be ready to cool down, but we refuse to wait on you.

My only plead to you is to not wear any kind of fuzzy boot on your feet when it is still 90 degrees outside. First off you look ridiculous and also we know that your feet are sweaty and gross. You have plenty of other options like the boot pictured above. Happy Fall!

posh24 com Florida Fashionista’s Fall Dilemma

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