Gift Guide For The Adventurer

By Adrienne Smith
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Spend A Little More (Under $100)

Willing to spend a little more for holiday gifts? Bump up your budget for more classic, long-lasting presents. Find language classes, clothing investments and fun gadgets that can be used in years to come.

Both NPR’s Road Trips CD collection and Rosetta Stone’s language courses allow users to travel the world without leaving home. The NPR compilations detail people, places and stories across the world. The collection includes National Park Adventures, Postcards From Around the Globe and Roadside Attractions, all for $34.99. Or, pick one of Rosetta Stone’s 30+ language classes. Rosetta Stone offers courses in many languages, from Swahili to Swedish to Spanish, at a variety of prices. Some have year-long, $20-a-month programs, while others are a flat fee for a one-time package.

Be a trendsetter by giving stylish duds with a practical purpose. Brooks Brothers offers a non-iron button-down for men ($88). And Victoria’s Secret stocks stylish multi-way dresses; shift this dress ($79.50) from a strapless to a halter to a skirt for a variety of outfits in one garment. Both options cut down luggage space and offer maximum wearability on a trip.

Remember Polaroid cameras? They’re back, with a new-and-improved design but the same entertaining instant pictures. Go old school with a cherry red Polaroid PIC-300R Instant Analog Camera Gift Guide For The Adventurer for $89.99. Complement the gift with Polaroid-style picture frames Gift Guide For The Adventurer, which mimic the iconic white border of pictures from the original camera.

NPR Road Trips – NPR ($34.99)

Language Classes – Rosetta Stone (varies)

Non-Iron Button-Down Dress Shirt – Brooks Brothers ($88.00)

Multi-Way Dress – Victoria’s Secret ($79.50)

Polaroid PIC-300R Instant Analog Camera Gift Guide For The Adventurer – Amazon ($81.99)

Umbra Snap Photo Frames Gift Guide For The Adventurer – Amazon ($15.99 for 9 polaroid-style frames)

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