Some people just can't let go...
wedding mulligan Holy Matirmony: Revisited

H & H Photographers

Most of us thought picture re-takes were a thing of the past, like
when your mother made you re-take your junior high yearbook picture
because your upper lip got caught on your braces, or because she paid
extra for the blue backdrop and they gave you the grey backdrop. For
Todd J Remis of Manhattan you are never too old for picture re-takes.

Remis is seeking rights to wedding picture re-takes for himself and
his ex-wife. Yes, EX-wife. They do say a picture is worth 1,000 words,
but never have I heard it being worth a $50,000 dollar lawsuit.

The 2003 wedding ended in a 2010 divorce. However, is it really over
when your ex-hubby continues to cry over the photographers missing the
last dance and the bouquet toss?

Remis, who has been un-employed since 2008, demanded to be repaid the
$4,100 cost of the photography and $48,000 to recreate the entire

Remis’s case proceeds on the grounds of possible “breach of contract”
because of the photographic quality being described as “unacceptable
as to color, lighting, poses, positioning” and that a video, which he
had expected to record the wedding’s six hours, was only two hours

To Remis divorce is no excuse for less than perfect pictures. “It was
unfortunate in its circumstances,” he said, “but we are very much
happy with the wedding event and we would like to have it documented
for eternity, for us and our families.”

The question is what if Remis is not satisfied with the re-takes, are
there double re-takes? Anyone?

For the full ridiculous story click here.

University of South Florida Honors Student


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