Before you drop the cash to supply your neighborhood trick or treat-ers with the goods you might want to know what each savory sweet says about you…if you want to be the “cool house” that is…

Tiny Candy Bars

Tiny fun sized candy bars that are usually put up front in the grocery store for your convenience say that you’re fair, just and traditional. You enjoy the fun of the holiday more than the bribery behind it. Kids don’t forget to come to you, but they don’t brag to their friends about you either.

Sweet Tarts

Not chocolate? You may not go with tradition but you are still a reasonable candy giver. Your choice of sour, bright and sticky candy says you don’t mind the mess of the holiday. You enjoy giving out candy and you probably even have a backup bag in the fridge!

Candy Corn

Candy with a wrapper is preferable. You are unprepared and not concerned about the true needs of your local trick or treat-ers. You still choose to take part, but your lack of effort is definitely noticed by the little gremlins knocking at your door.


You are self-centered and believe that your health conscious attitude needs to be spread around to everyone. Lighten up. It is a holiday after all!

Tootsie Rolls

They’re simple and classic and always great. Who doesn’t love a Tootsie Roll? You’re probably a very cool and stylish person who has a great wardrobe and a very well-appointed house.


It depends what type, blow-pops? You’re awesome! Dum dums? Well, it’s in the name.  You are kind of a cheap skate because you know lollipops are long-lasting and know that means you can get by with handing out less.

Full Candy Bars

Really? There’s no need and everyone knows it. Sure, all the kids talk about you year round and even try to visit your house twice in one night, but know that every parent rolls their eyes as soon as they turn around and probably makes their kid throw your candy bar away anyways because you seem like a creep. Who does that? Next time, just give each kid $2.00 and save going to the store.

Hersey Kisses

…are for Christmas….slow down Santa.

And there you have it.. what kinds of candy do you like to give away on Halloween?


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