Michael Lohan Leaps From Tree to Flee Police Hours After Release

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — It only took seven hours — and one tree leap — for Michael Lohan to get arrested again.

Tampa police said Lohan, 51, launched himself into a tree from his third-floor balcony when police came to investigate claims that he violated terms of his release from jail hours before.

Just before 1:00 a.m., Lohan’s girlfriend Kate Major, 28, called police to report he was harassing her with constant phone calls. On Tuesday, Lohan was charged with battering Major, and terms of his release from jail Wednesday included that he stay away.

It didn’t last long. Major put Lohan on speakerphone so officers could listen. Tampa police said in a release that Lohan was threatening to find her.

Once police received a green light to arrest Lindsay Lohan’s father, they drove to the Tahitian Inn where he was staying.

Seeing police, Lohan jumped, injured his foot and gave a hobbled chase. Police said he was then arrested without incident.

He is charged with violating his pretrial release and resisting arrest without violence. He was arrested earlier this week and stands accused of punching Major, smashing her cell phone and threatening to throw her from a fourth-floor balcony.

Tampa police said the argument stemmed from earlier charges when Lohan became violent when Major refused to drop a restraining order in Sarasota County.

  • ed357

    Just goes to show you that……


    ; – >

    • Mike 12

      What a bunch of nut jobs—–real creeps!!

      • Sherry Forgit

        They both need Jesus. There is no other cure.

    • Scarf

      Both dad and daughter need to be run through a woodchipper immediately.

      • PatrioticUSGlory

        They both need to be hospitalized and given appropriate help. This is not for the usual cheapshots from the peanut gallery and ankle-biters.

      • max

        No one can help those that do not want it. They don’t want help. Maybe 87th time will be a charm but that’s up to them and only them, not some so called treatment facility.

      • max

        BTW- not only are they addicts but clearly mental with the belief everything is fine. No helping these people.

  • J.j. Erler

    Ironically if you watch Celebrity Rehab it’s exactly what they predicted would happen when he left :)

    • Vic Sharp

      Yep, Dr. Drew said that Kate Major was no good, and she was always drunk around him. Amazing how people chase after cancerous people like that.

    • TOp

      Yeah and the national debt is going to be higher in an hour. Not ground breaking is it?

    • Suzette

      Exactly. .

  • Count Yob

    So, fill me in. What exactly is this guy’s beef with his daughter’s girlfriend?

    • Duh

      Read the article again.

      • Count Yob

        This article doesn’t explain why he’s harassing her.

      • http://CBSTampa.com Barbara Ann

        Count Yob.
        Read this first story on his arrest the day before this tree hopping arrest. Here is the link. http://cbsloc.al/u5HsQp

    • Learned to Read Years Ago

      The article doesn’t say his daughter’s girlfriend. Its says HIS girlfriend.

    • John

      Yob, you might be unaware that it is customary for family members to use the same last name.

      In this case, when they say “Lohan’s girlfriend Kate Major, 28”, they refer to Lohan the father, not daughter.

    • dfish

      He is crazy. End of story. Happens.

  • Fran

    Very nice Spa/Resort that he is staying in. Looks very expensive.

    How does this slug support himself?

    • http://CBSTampa.com Barbara Ann

      I believe Michael makes money from talking about how he can Help Lindsay get her life straightened out. HLN uses him often, ask them if they pay him.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      It’s $129 a night, although discounts are available. He’s not a slug, he’s a human being suffering from bipolar disorder, probably aggravated and then “manifested” by a history of cocaine use. Many people don’t know that you can have the disease of bipolar disorder lying dormant that is then brought to life permanently by drug use, and it remains even if you’re off drugs for years (hence the term “manifest”)

      • Dave

        Excuses. “Bipolar disorder” is manic depression. The new term for it doesn’t change a thing. And exactly how can something be “aggravated” BEFORE it’s “manifested”??

        You sound like an idiiot. Be quiet.

      • Low Class GloryBoy

        You must be the guy who always talks about what a great person the just discovered mass murderer is. Liberals- if it weren’t for low standards they would have no standards at all.

      • Paul in FL

        There is no such thing as a “disease” of bipolar disorder any more than there is a disease of being good at mechanical engineering. There is a term applied by psychologists to a set of behaviors , which used to be called more appropriately manic-depression. The fact that neurologists may be able to find some correlation between these behaviors and certain physical conditions in the cells of the brain means nothing: they can do the same for mechanical engineers. Whooping cough and colon cancer are diseases; manic-depression is not.

  • mk

    Count Yob…it’s his girlfriend…he is also a Lohan.

  • Jeff

    Michael Lohan is a true American hero and deserves better treatment than this. You haters on this blog should shut up and go home! Michael, we love you!!!

    • GayBladeJeff

      Anally or orally? Have at him you gay blade you.

    • YouDude60

      Good Lord… If ever thee was a sign of the apocalypse, your professed love for an abusive, addicted, three-time loser (who procreated a train wreck of a human for our entrtainment) is surely it.

      If Lohan is what you think a true American hero is, you sir are truly lost.

      And atop your embrace of losers in order to feel better about yourself, you fascistically suggest all dissenting opinions should be silenced.

      Just a wild guess, here: you’re not a registered republican.

      • NoYouCouldn't

        Awesome comment YouDude60.. I laughed till tears came! Thanks for that! Mr. and ex Mrs. Lohan + offspring.. waste of perfectly good space.

        Liberals seek to understand those they feel are beneath them in order to feel better about being slugs. Conservatives know they aren’t above anyone but are secure in the knowledge they aren’t slugs.

  • Speaknup

    Well, this explains Lindsey.

  • http://freepressandmedia.com/?p=61 freepressandmedia.com » Lindsay’s Dad Michael Lohan Leaps From Tree to Flee Police Hours After Release
  • WEBster

    Leave Michael ALOOONNNNNEEEE!!!!

  • Gryphon

    In fact you could land on them jumping out of your window while fleeing police because youre harassing your girlfriend who’s half your age. What a bunch of idiots these people are. Funny, this is the intellectual firepower of hollywood and these people are influencing politics on the left. God save us all.

  • Red

    He’s just as crazy as his daughter!

  • lotttachatte

    If only she lived on a much higher floor. Maybe next time.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      You’re an idiot.

  • make my day

    Who is worse… the old man or the dysfunctional daughter?? You can’t “buy” class!!!

  • Carl Reiner

    They both must have Michael Jacksons doctor as their supplier.

  • Ha Ha Nelson

    This sounds like a scene straight out of “Arrested Development”. Lindsay could easily be an actor in this same show as well.

  • A Union Worker

    Run this guy as a Republican- he has all of the qualifications to be our next president! Yep, Lohan for president!

    • jason

      No no, your confused, Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton were Liberal-DEMOCRAT.

    • ABO

      The entire Lohan clan are liberals, as well evidenced by their drug use and idiocy.

  • hugh

    too funny

  • Darrel

    Deport the entire family of Lohans to Africa or North Korea.

  • http://www.freshtopicsdaily.com/michael-lohan-leaps-from-tree-to-flee-police-hours-afterrelease/ Michael Lohan Leaps From Tree to Flee Police Hours After Release | Fresh Topics Daily.com

    […] Michael Lohan Leaps From Tree to Flee Police Hours After Release Celebrity News cbs, cell phone, michael lohan, pretrial release, resisting arrest, tahitian inn Interesting Facts About Board Games […]

  • jason morse

    You buy-em books and send them to school…

  • dhall

    ok, maybe it is just me, but the dude is 51… dating a 28 year old? one word here… ‘ewwwwww’

    • justadude

      Why do you feel 20 somethings are gross? I’m over 40 and I love 20 somethings.

  • http://escapetyranny.com/2011/10/27/family-affair-so-now-both-lindsay-lohan-and-her-dad-are-in-jail/ FAMILY AFFAIR: So now both Lindsay Lohan and her Dad are in jail

    […] Read more here >>> […]

  • truther

    Boy everyone in this family needs to go to the ER and get an enema. In their case it can be accomplished from the ear they are so full of it.

  • Poe Dee

    Why did I bother reading this… and then to comment too!! I’m just as much of an idiot!!! UGH, I CAN”T STOP! I MUST BE A LOHAN! Please shoot me know.

  • J.D.

    How is it Lindsey and her dad do not have a REALITY SHOW? “Reality TV” has proved itselt an excellent format for the exhibition and exploitation of stupid behavior — the two of them would fit right in.

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