TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Lohan is behind bars again, but this time, it’s not Lindsay.

Michael Lohan, the father of actress Lindsay Lohan, was arrested early Tuesday morning following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. He was charged with domestic violence battery after allegedly shoving her to the ground multiple times and threatening to throw her off a fourth-floor balcony.

Tampa police reports indicate that they responded around 1 a.m. Tuesday, hearing a woman in the home yelling “stop” and “leave me alone.” When Lohan, 51, approached the door, he was out of breath and sweating, wearing only shorts.

“Everything is OK and nothing happened here,” Lohan told Tampa police, according to the report. His girlfriend allegedly starting yelling to police that he was lying. Police found the girlfriend’s phone shattered, which Lohan admitted to doing because he was mad. According to the report, Lohan had wanted his girlfriend to drop a restraining order that had been filed against him in Sarasota County.

The woman told police that Lohan allegedly “banged his head on the door multiple times causing his forehead to bleed.” She accused him of trying to put his bleeding forehead on her if she tried calling the police, which she didn’t.

Later in the night and into early Tuesday morning, Lohan allegedly yelled at his girlfriend about the upcoming court hearing and also about how she wouldn’t give him oral sex. According to the woman’s statement, Lohan threatened to slit his wrist and the woman’s.

In his statement to police, Lohan painted a much different picture, one that involved the two having sex at their apartment. During the course of their argument following sex, the girlfriend allegedly told Lohan that she could be pregnant from previous sexual encounters.

The woman, who has been in an on-and-off relationship with Lohan for the past two years, suffered minor bruising on her arms and shoulders, police said. Lohan told police that although the two argued, he “never put his hands on [her] and would never hurt her.”

Shortly thereafter, Lohan began to complain of chest pains and was transported to St. Joe’s Hospital. The report said that Lohan was hoping this tactic would prevent him from going to jail, even signing himself out of the hospital when he thought police had left. Lohan’s girlfriend told the police that Lohan complains of chest pains and goes to the hospital every time he is arrested.

The incident is just the latest bit of bad news for Lohan. In March, he was accused of holding an ex-girlfriend against her will. Lohan told police that he and his girlfriend moved to Tampa to get away from the publicity surrounding his daughter.

Lohan’s hearing is scheduled for today at 2 p.m. A phone call made by CBS Tampa to Lohan has not been immediately returned.

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