ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CBS Tampa)   Close to midnight a hungry Vampire takes a bite out of a sleeping homeless man outside a vacant Hooters.

This may sound like a scene straight out of a Halloween horror movie but, it’s really an arrest report from the St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department.

According to police, in early August of this year 22-year-old Josephine Rebecca Smith was hanging with 68-year-old Milton

scotts camera 0011 Woman Claiming to be Vampire Attacks Man at Vacant Hooters

Photo credit: Barbara Ann Kelley

Ellis when she allegedly told him she was a Vampire and attacked him. Smith, driven by either passion or, a midnight craving for flesh reportedly chewed off chucks of the man’s face and bit part of his lip off while on top of him in his motorized wheelchair.

Ellis did manage to escape and call for help at a nearby Shell gas station where he had met Smith early in the evening. With half his face and lip chewed the victim managed to guide Police to the vacant Hooters where he said the attack had occurred.

Police found Smith not injured but half-naked and covered in blood. Smith denied knowledge of the attack or why her clothes were off. In a clear-cut case of he said, she said, Ellis claimed Smith was dressed when he last saw her.

Ms. Smith was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery on an elderly person. Bail was set at $50,000.

If you don’t know what a real Vampire ( or someone who says they are a vampire)  looks like,  check out the little blood sucker’s Pinellas County Jail mug shot.

0426581519 190308d Woman Claiming to be Vampire Attacks Man at Vacant Hooters

                      Josephine Rebecca Smith
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