Last year the whole world was treated to the the hilarious (though disturbing considering the domestic violence issues involved) Mel Gibson audio tapes.  He was definitely an incoherent train wreck and here at the station we loved it.  This wasn’t the first time Mel had gone off the edge.  We all remember his anti-Semitic rant during the DUI stop and the lovely name he called the female police office the rhymes with ‘sugar bits’… use your imagination. Ever since those events Mel has been blacklisted by everyone including studios, his longtime agency that represented him, and the movie-going public.

In many ways Mel hasn’t only tarnished his current image but his past legacy of great films.  It bothers me that past films such as Braveheart, The Lethal Weapon series, and the highly underrated The Man Without a Face seem different to me now.  It’s hard for me to tell people not to buy Chris Brown’s music but then sit down and enjoy Braveheart without thinking wow William Wallace is a raging racist that loves his jacuzzi. Am I wrong thinking I shouldn’t support Mel as and actor and filmmaker because of his past problems? Well there is at least one person out there who thinks I’m wrong and he is one of my favorite actors who’s had his own personal demons, Robert Downey Jr.

A little back story here.  Downey and Gibson worked together on Air America and when Downey was at his rock bottom Gibson one was of the few people who tried to help Downey out and telling him to pay it forward to the next person one day.  So recently at an event honoring Downey, he asked for people to forgive Mel who was presenting the award to him.

Downey does make a good point about people forgiving him and the fact that no one is perfect. My problem is Downey wasn’t hurting anybody but himself. He wasn’t making racist remarks or assaulting women like Mel Gibson or Chris Brown. So I don’t know if Mel should be forgiven.  As I said in the beginning. I am very guilty of laughing at the audio tapes, but if you stop and listen that is one big ball of rage on those tapes.  The person on those tapes is not someone audiences want to relate to. So I want to know your opinion out there?  Should we forgive Mel and go see the movie about The Beaver puppet or should we leave him in Hollywood purgatory with Roman Polanski,  OJ Simpson, and the countless others who have done horrible things off-screen?

Let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to check out my Fan page on Facebook.

  1. Karik says:

    That’s a genuneily impressive answer.

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