FORT PIERCE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — One Florida man melts under the law after he gets busted with a stolen ice cream sandwich in his pants.

Robert Silvia, 32, attempted to steal an ice cream sandwich from a Family Dollar in Fort Pierce. He was caught, however, when a store employee on duty noticed him removing the item from his pants after leaving the store and crossing the street.

According to a police report provided by the Fort Pierce Police Department, they were called to investigate the robbery on Oct. 12 when Family Dollar assistant manager Amy Holden noticed Silvia reaching into the cooler and removing an object before leaving the store. She told authorities that he did not pay for the item he took.

She then informed authorities that he took the ice cream sandwich out and began to eat it, before going into a Dollar Tree across the street. After that, authorities went to catch up with Silvia.

“I checked the area and located (him) at the corner of Texas Ct. and Georgia Ave.,” the report states. “I … took him back to the store, (and) when I arrived back … I opened the back door to get his (information), but as soon as I opened the door he admitted to taking the ice cream because his car had a flat time and he only had three dollars.”

The report also noted that he was repentant for his crimes.

Holden opted to press charges, and Silvia was then transported to St. Lucie County Jail. He was charged with petit larceny for his theft of the $1 sandwich.


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