We believe that what you watch on TV says something about your personality. What you watch, enjoy and choose to spend your time doing truly says something about who you are as a person.

What does your CW44 show say about you?

Here’s the lineup:

If you like talk shows like Dr. Drew’s Life Changers or any of our other daytime shows like Judge Gunn, Jeremy Kyle or Eye for an Eye you’re a fast thinker and enjoy absorbing information. The elements of talk shows and courtroom television make you a patient, sincere and logical person.

If you like fantasy or sci-fi shows like Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries then you’re the creative type that likes a challenge. Fantasy and sci-fi shows tap into your imaginative qualities. You are inventive, resourceful and independent.

Fans of reality shows like Americas Next Top Model usually also enjoying a boost of self-esteem, but who doesn’t? Witnessing inappropriate behavior and complicated relationships can us feel a little better about our lives. These shows also make you whimsical, impulsive and social.

And what about Gossip Girl, 90210 or our new Hart of Dixie show? These shows involve drama, relationships, gossip and fashion and say that you enjoy a good time. You are friendly, outgoing and can be pretty comedic at times.

ha1 mo11 har group1 034 ra 113d04f6 t3 CW44 PersonaliTV Guide CW44 truly believes you are what you watch! Ask your friends what they watch too and see if it’s similar to what you watch. If you watch shows that fall into many categories it just means that you like variety and enjoy change.

What CW44 personaliTV are you? Let us know!


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