By Barbara Ann Kelley,

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (CBS Tampa)  With the economy in troubled times, car dealers are having to adjust their way of doing business, including trade-ins.

Park Auto Mall Preowned Car And Truck Superstore in Pinellas Park is taking car trade-ins to the next level in today’s cash poor times.

When this used car dealership says “Whether it rolls, floats or flies we will take it on trade,” they can now can add anything that gallops to the phrase.

Recently a woman with no cash came to Park Auto Mall needing a used van for her large family. The only thing of value she had to trade was a horse. The woman and her family now have a van and the horse has new owners thanks to the unique and non-conventional way Park Auto Mall sells used cars.

When they say they will make a trade with anything of value they not only mean it, they prove it. The growing list of items that they have taken in place of cash for a trade include a mobile home, signed baseballs, artwork, an airplane,  jewelry and now most recently a horse.

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  1. FredIsDead says:

    Many that did this type of trading during the depression came out very wealthy when it was all over.

    1. ts says:

      In the NW the barter system works really good. I barter computer work and construction work while my brother gives beginning guitar lessons. Bartering makes the world go around. It has since the beginning of man and will continue until man dies.

      1. dave says:

        Unless Obama finds out and wants to tax it somehow. Watch and see.

      2. Dude in DC says:

        Believe it or not, bartering is already taxable. See how your government loves you? Let me count the ways. It’s time to shut D.C. down. Hey Washington wizards! Stick to defending America and leave the driving to us.

      3. Jessica E Bixby says:

        The only problem in FL is you can not buy gold/Jewelry and other items with out a second hand dealers license. There is a potential for harassment by cops for stolen goods.

        Only reason I know this is cause I work in a coin shop and they come pestering us for stolen jewelry but we don’t buy jewelry.

    2. Stan says:

      And when he drove the car off the lot the value of car lost 10K bucks.

      Yeah, you can make a buck off a failed society like Soros is doing or you can buy a years worth of food to feed your family…don’t forget to protect your family…there will be many hungry zombies running about.

    3. Edward Boothe says:

      Better hold on to your horse for when gas gets to $10/gal

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Except horses aren’t just free rides. Consider:
        Stables = $200-500/month
        Food = at least $500/yr (MUCH higher depending on location)
        Bedding/Shavings = $250/yr
        Veterinarian = $300/yr assuming the horse remains in perfect health
        Veterinarian = upwards of $800 for one “incident” of less than perfect health
        Farrier (blacksmith) = at least $100/yr
        Total = approximately $5000/yr (assuming perfect health)

      2. James says:

        If you stable your horse elsewhere, USArmyCombatMedic, and not on your own property, you obviously aren’t using it for transportation. Assuming that someone is handy enough to keep up the structure of their own stable, you can chop that price down by eliminating the entire stabling cost.

        But I get your point.

    4. Tim says:

      I am the General Sales Manager at a large Motorcycle dealership. We have taken virtually any thing of value on trade for years. Long before the financial crisis. Although not every dealer does it, it isn’t rare. If we can resell it for value we will trade it,

      1. Tim says:

        Funny enough we are also located in central florida

      2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        I have a hovercraft (no, i’m not joking – Would you accept that for a trade?

        ….What can I say, I like toys..

      3. Lorrie Walker says:


        If you would like some help promoting your good news, I would love to help you. My PR firm helped get this dealership in the news. We could do the same for you. Email me if you’re interested: Lorrie (at) LorrieWalker (dot) com.

  2. Foster Glenwood says:

    OmeriKa. Welcome to it and you’d better not complain or you’re a racist.

  3. Sean says:

    Nothing wrong with the barter system. It has been in place long before there was ever any official government or nonsense. I will gladly trade my time and labor for an equitable trade in goods or services. Funny thing will be to see how Obama and his cronies figure out a way to tax barter.

    1. MarkInAtlanta says:

      You are so right, as people figure out that printed paper is worthless, tangible things will become “money” as it used to be. This is what history is supposed to teach people. The guy that owns this car lot is a genius, from what I can tell, he has received $100K+ worth of advertising (Drudge) and has some nice looking cars on the lot. This guy “gets” it.

    2. Lee says:

      Sorry to give you the bad news but the government started taxing “barter” over 30 years ago. As much as you want to hate on the current admin you are going to have to go back further on this tax.

      1. Norge says:

        Sorry to give Lee the bad new; The Government hasn’t been able to prove a single “unpaid taxes” concerning a barter case in that 30 years. They also want to start taxing those ‘deals’ in which gold or silver was used…good luck with that too as it ain’t workin’ well in Utah!! LMAO at the feds!!

    3. Stan says:

      no taxes, we will all provide for nothing…work for the gov’t with no pay…if you can’t do this they will have you do that…get it? A flash back to the 60’s.

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:


    4. deb says:

      Sorry Sean bartering is a taxable product. or it’s supposed to be..

    5. Robert says:

      Sean ,
      Barter of goods and services has been taxable for years. Look at your tax form for the definition of income.

  4. Lisa says:

    you know that poor horse is going straight to the slaughter house.

    1. Chris says:

      The dealership laid the horse down (had a buyer) before the deal was made. This type of dealing goes on all the time.

      1. Mike says:

        Not sure where you get your information Chris, I’m assuming you’re just making it up. Fred is keeping the horse for his family.

    2. ts says:

      So what if id did. That just means that another person got a paycheck, a dog got some food, and a child was able to make a macaroni picture for his mom.

    3. dave says:

      You’re an idiot.

    4. Jennifer says:

      I agree with you Lisa. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline. Poor baby.

      1. Shannon Callahan says:

        That horse is not going to a slaughterhouse. It is a very healthy looking registered QH and a buckskin to boot which is a highly sought after color. With all of the advertising they will surely get offers on the horse where as they would only get about $200 from a slaughter auction.

    5. Richard Rogers says:

      There are no horse slaughter plants in the US> Have to ship to Canada to be slaughtered.

    6. nunya in ct says:

      I hope not, I wondered about that too. Animals are pets, and my heart breaks for people who can’t afford them with that jackwagon and his policies in the White House. He has NO sympathy for real Americans who are the backbone of this country and only cares about the lowest common denominator of society who contribute nothing.

      1. Seriously! says:

        @nunya, Animals are not pets but can be pets. A pet is a domestic animal kept for pleasure rather than utility. No sure you can domesticate a Hippo but hey it’s an animal.

    7. pitch_fork_ready says:

      if you would READ the article it clearly states “The woman and her family now have a van and the horse has new owners”

    8. Lorrie Walker says:

      Actually, it isn’t. The horse was kept by the owner. His wife and children wanted the owner to keep it. The children are learning to ride. It’s really a great, happy ending.

  5. MarkInAtlanta says:

    I like it! Their outfits were killing my eyes though.

  6. RA0725 says:

    In times like these a barter and cash only system is the way to go at every opportunity. The government takes too much of my money and wastes it. When the corruption in Washington is gone I’ll consider telling them how much I really make. As long as there are 3rd and 4th generation leeches on welfare I’m keeping as much of MY money as I can.

  7. Barack says:

    I wonder how much i would get if trade in my wife?

    1. Satn says:

      Is she hot or at least warm?

      1. Barack says:

        Not as hot as you think. but I can throw in my mother-in-law too.

  8. fern says:

    Mybe the Pinellas 12 can trade in their stories. Surely setting Casey Anthony free should be worth something to these sickos?

  9. fern says:

    Maybe the Pinellas 12 can trade in their stories. Surely setting Casey Anthony free should be worth something to these sickos?

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      That’s right. Because you were IN that courtroom. You heard the testimony and you saw the evidence first hand, eh? No, you didn’t. You sat in your room/office and made a decision about another human life based on your emotional reaction to the media’s portrayal of someone. That’s the only information you went on, isn’t it? Who are you to judge? I’m not saying she’s truly innocent, or guilty. I’m saying that judgement wasn’t ours to make. The judge and jury; they were the ones that know the facts. Try putting emotion aside when another life is on the line.

      How closely have you seen death first hand? Trust me, you don’t want to be the one to put someone to death. Down the road, it will haunt you. I SAVED lives, and still remembering the face of someone who didn’t make it hurts. You don’t want to be the one to actually send someone away, especially if there is a sliver of innocence. It’s better to let 10 guilty people free than to take the life/liberty of 1 innocent person.

  10. Scott Hammond says:

    Even in a good economy this isn’t uncommon. I knew a used car manager for a large Chevy dealership who had done the same thing, on occasion. He had contacts who would buy the traded items and he would credit the cash to the car deal.

  11. keith says:

    those were called ‘swappin’ bees’ when I was a kid….nothing wrong with it at all

  12. Stan DAMAN Buie says:

    I’d nail both the chicks featuring in the commercial…they’re cute.

  13. Truth Detector says:

    Obamanomics = New reality

    I.e., get used to it. At least until 2013…

  14. brg09 says:

    Hell, this is nothing. We’ve got a place up here in Maine that’s taking peoples’ goats.

  15. Getta Job says:

    In the Obama Economy, people are desperate.

  16. ClearyJ says:

    Beautiful story. I fully expect Obama to come along and find some way to stop this. There is no way that a capitalist will be allowed to find unique ways to make deals in The Age of The Communist.

  17. Sounds like a great way to fence or launder stolen goods

  18. bob says:

    Can I trade in my wife?

  19. Russ Braaten says:

    I was in the car business for most of the 80’s. We would take anything that didn’t need to be fed on trade.

  20. Sharon says:

    My father was a used car dealer. Back in the fifties, I remember coming home to find food in the kitchen. He traded for hogs, fish, all kind of stuff. He also did his own financing and repo work. I think some of the stuff was instead of payments.

  21. AdaMo says:

    I love it! Back to the old trading post on the frontier. It’s what made America work in the first place and poor working folks could survive this way. Kudos to the car dealership for this innovation.

  22. Bob Walterscheid says:

    We did this back in the 70’s for Rusty Eck Ford in Wichita, Kansas. Took in all kinds of stuff. Motorcycles, trailers, antiques. A very successful promotion which we repeated several times.

  23. Joe Bob says:

    Used to work in the business, anything with a $ amount assigned to it by the dealer can be used for the purchase a new car. We took Art, boats, motorcycles, all sorts of things. We would exchange construction work contracts for vehicles.

    Tread and Barter is still very much alive.

  24. Kitty says:

    We would never trade our horses for anything. When we got them we decided they would have a forever home with us. There’s too many people out there that don’t care what happens to their animals, especially horses or other “livestock”. I would never sell mine because you never know where they might end up.

  25. Jimbo says:

    Hey if they are open to anything my sister needs a car. And she is a down right dirty tramp and will trade whatever is necessary to get a car. Think they will take a hummer or 20 in trade?

  26. Angel Fernandez says:

    America’s Car-Mart a multi state buy here-pay here pre-owned car dealer with over 100 lots has been taking anything our customers can bring as trade ins for the last 30 years.

  27. Angel David Fernandez says:

    America’s Car-Mart a multi state buy here-pay here pre-owned car dealer with over 100 lots has been taking anything our customers can bring as trade ins for the last 30 years.

  28. SailFishMan says:

    Our company has bartered our services as well…I recently taught a 5 hour class and we got an industrial ice machine…the ice machine costs about $3,700 and our training class usually charges $3,500…we both got what we wanted.

  29. John Nada says:

    Well pretty soon people will be turning tricks for a loaf of bread unless we learn as a country how the financial system really works. a video linked to what the wall street occupiers should learn may help you all. but you may have to make some time for it.

  30. maggie says:

    Wonderful idea. But could posters stop blaming everything on Obama. It gets
    old reading the same style of comments it’s like there brains are wired to
    just blame Obama for everything.

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  32. Crusher says:

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