‘LipoBank’ Keeps Removed Fat On Ice To Reuse Later

ORLANDO (CBS) — Apparently now you can save time in a bottle — or at least save youth in a minus 192 degrees Celsius fat storage tank.

A company in central Florida is now offering a “lipobanking” service that pairs liposuction with grafting procedures. Liquid Gold LipoBank allows people having body fat removed to freeze it for later use in older age to plump up sagging tissue in the patient’s face or breasts.

According to an article published on OrlandoSentinel.com, Dr. Jeffrey Hartog said his facilities’ procedure “takes this to a whole new level.” A coffee cup’s worth of fat would reportedly cost $900 to store for the first year, then $200 a year until reused.

A website promoting Hartog’s procedure says fat reuse is better than artificial implants since it uses “your body’s own stem cell rich fatty tissue as the most pure, long lasting and natural ‘product’ for creating a more youthful look or body shape.”

The Sentinel’s report notes controversy among cosmetic surgeons regarding the practice, with one warning that “frozen fat doesn’t hold up as well as fresh fat” and another noting there is rarely shortage of fresh fat available somewhere on a person’s body for such procedures.

Would you pay to store your younger body fat? Let us know in the comments below.

  • harry930

    I just read on Market Wire that a company American Cryostem (cryo) symbol recieved a patent on doing this, I was considering buying their stock. I seem to be finding alot of chatter about fat stem cells and the benefits, funny another company pops up in a weeks time.

  • Uncle Cracker

    Could you marble meat with it?

    • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com ny9solyndra

      “Could you marble meat with it?”

      One could if one had lost his marbles.

  • Tom

    This reminds of the scene from Fight Club when Tyler Durden scales the fence at the local lipo clinic in search of human fat for his homemade candles and as he is handing Ed Norton a bag of the fat over the fence it tears and covers Ed inhuman fat. Cringe-worthy yet funny scene.

    • Joe Frayer

      homemade soap. not candles.
      Reminded me of that too :)

      • Tom

        DOH! soap, you’re right.

        I live in Wisconsin and if this catches on we could become the new banking center of the world!

  • Karen

    How long will the extracted fats last? I read an article that fats can be grafted from some parts of the body: http://www.plasticsurgeryguide.com/fat-grafting.html,

    Can they transfer my fats to others?? (Gross!)

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