Jennifer Ford Regrets Being Anthony Juror

by Barbara Ann Kelley,

Once is enough for one Pinellas County Woman who was a juror on the Casey Anthony murder trail. For Jennifer Ford, the best source of insight has been hindsight. “If I knew then what I know now, I might not have been so willing and honest” says Ford.

Ford, a 32 year old nursing student, adds “I didn’t know the whole world was watching and that everyone had made up their mind on what the verdict was, I didn’t understand the magnitude of it”.

The whole experience has been stressful for Ford. Since May, she has gone from a nursing student who knew nothing about the case, to being scorned nationwide for her part in the verdict that cleared Anthony of first-degree murder and other felony charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

In addition to the nations anger at the not guilty verdict, Ford says she was kicked out of her house because of swarms of reporters camped outside her and her mother’s home.

To say it has been an eye-opening experience for Ford is an understatement. “It’s just overwhelming, I have lost 10 pounds due to the worry and stress related to this trail.”

Ford blames the media and says, “I think the media helped the nation determine the case before the jury saw it. Ford says she hopes to never see another criminal case from the jury box. “I just want my freedom back and a lifetime pass on jury duty.”

  • chuck

    Jennifer, you goes left your your common sense out the door, or you purposely voted not guilty for fame…Never the less , you let a murderer walk free …Thank God you were not on the Scott Peterson case, because Scott would be walking free right now….You should have used common sense, you got what you derserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hilde

    Wise Decision by You not wanting to be a Part of a Jury again.
    The Victim in any Case will be thankful.

  • Kmsc

    Boo Hoo!! I have no sympathy for you.

  • Gayle

    It was not the jury’s duty to determine how the little girl died. Lacey Peterson was dead, but no one knew how she died. Didnt stop that jury from doing the RIGHT thing. Why do you think the prosecution gave the speech about
    COMMON SENSE. I guess they knew the jury pretty well.

    Pay attention to the rules and dont be in such a hurry to get home.
    There were other options, if you couldnt be brave and give her the death penalty. What was wrong with Manslaughter…

    They take decades to kill someone on death row.
    Shame on this jury, each and every one.

    • ArgentinaRose Gomez

      I agree with you chuck, I also don’t believe that she knew nothing about this case before she was called to serve on the jury. I’m glad she’s having problems and, I hope she continues to do so for the rest of her miserable life. btw, I hope I never have to have the services of this woman as a nurse if she get that far. she really is lacking in the common sense dept right along with the other jurors.

  • offthecuff

    I agree with Jennifer. I also regret she was a juror.

  • kinght owl

    Ms.Ford couldn’t have been too stressed as she is been all over the media telling her story and no doubt getting paid for it. I am wondering were they this stupid or did a few of them decide to shock the nation with a not guilty to make more money off their story. Who knows these days. It was not like this was a difficult case to figure out and the prosecutor’s couldn’t have laid it out more clearly. I have no sympathy for any juror’s just for the victim, baby Caylee.

    • ArgentinaRose Gomez

      knight owl, how right you are and, she is probably upset that she has not made the amount of money that she thought she would by appearing on tv and telling about her being on that jury. they all voted her not guilty because, they saw an easy way to make some money. I don’t feel anything for this dense woman at all. she is getting what she surely deserve.

  • knight owl

    juror’s would not have been the ones determining if Casey got death had the juror’s given her guilty in first degree murder. That decision would have been made at a later date by Judge Perry.

  • Hilde

    What really amazes me is the Jury only took less than 11 Hrs, to come back with their Verdict. By God this was a Murder Case! The Prosecution laid out Everything they had short of a Video of the Crime.
    Was the Victim Caylee Marie who was only a couple month short of being 3 Yrs. old not worth the Time to look at All the Evidence which led right to Casey Anthony, her Mother as the Perpetrator?
    The Jury seemed to just pay Attention to the made up Story of the alleged Drowning, there was no Evidence whatsoever that happened.
    Caylee deserved better than that!
    Prosecutions Evidence was ignored and a Killer was let go.
    Why didn’t the Jury take time to pay more Attention and ask Questions if they were confused.
    This little Girl deserved better from that Jury, You will never convince me otherwise.
    Injustice has been done to the Victim in this Case.
    I it would have been Your little Girl instead of Caylee would You still not have paid more Attention to the Evidence and rushed through with the Verdict! I doubt it!
    You and the Rest of that Jury will have to live with that Decision You made, I do not envy You.

    • ArgentinaRose Gomez

      It took the jury in Texas three days to deliberate the case against Warren Jeffs and, here it took these IDIOTS nine hours to deliberate a murder case. how dumb can 12 people be?

  • knight owl

    Bravo Hilde.

  • Marne

    I hope you don’t become a nurse because God help a patient relying on you to have common sense and focus. Yikes! You are dishonest and stupid, a bad combination. (I say dishonest because you sure didn’t look stressed at Disney Land!) You got your reward, now shut up. You have a dead baby on your conscience..or you should.

  • ken

    she did vote not gulty for money not only she all the jurrors they planned to vote not guilty and release casy free so they can make money from the media

  • Kcrn

    Yes please spare us. we can only hope u never serve on a jury again. Casey did get a jury of her peers, self serving, non rational, lacking common sense idiots. I truly hope these jurors researched this case & evidence again after all of the outrage & deep down are as disgusted with themselves as we are for that ridiculous verdict. By not convicting on any of the major charges, they told us that they are the only 12 morons in the world who believed baez the u really think this narcissistic skank would have sat in jail 3 years if her child had drowned?!? convenient that we never heard this story until trial. Also love the fact that u morona bought it because they showed u a pic of the child climbing the ladder. I guess if they had shown u that she could reach the duct tape & the garbage bags u could be convinced she duct taped her own face, climbed into those bags and threw herself in a swap. God help us if this is an indication of the potential for idiots on a jury.


    What goes around – comes around!!! You’ll get yours – so will Anthony!!!

    • ArgentinaRose Gomez

      I can only hope she gets it sooner rather that later! she along with the other 11 IDIOTS, make me sick. they all knew darn well that Casey was and is GUILTY. but, people will do anything for money won’t they Jennifer Ford? I hope when ever you go to sleep at night, that you will see Caylee’s face for the rest of your life.

  • jamey

    Good luck thank you for serving on a jury of your peers

  • MB

    “Bella Vita” for you too Jennifer Ford.

  • Mariann

    Oh Pullleeeze, you did everything possible short of standing on your head to get on this jury .. you know it and we know it … they say Casey is the most hated person in the US, well Mzzzz, Ford you are the second most hated …. blood drips from your hands also …. so did you enjoy Chick Filet and Dessert lady, bet you did …. Skank

  • mariann

    Mz. Ford did your family throw you out of the house after you and your family got a paid trip to Disney World …. Don’t think of writing a book, no one will buy it and you really have nothing to say …. just GO AWAY … Caylees blood is on your hands

    • momoffour

      Didn’t you feel just a teeny bit uneasy going to Disney World wuth your extended family and seeing al the other happy llittle girls there having fun like Caylee SHOULD have beeb able tio do too??? Was that free trip really worth living what you must have to live with for the rest of your life……knowing you put a murdering mother back on the streets, just so you all could get back to your own lives faster??
      I would demand another nurse if I were needing care and YOU came into the room. You obviously don’t care about patients if you did not care about a precious baby girl. All 12 of you deserve to be shamed fiorever, Do you ever eveb THINK about Caylee since the trial ended? I hope you apoilogize to her daily for what you 12 did.

  • Mariann

    Kcrn .. don’t forget the computer searches for neck breaking and household weapons …. yeah like Casey would sit in jail for 3 years if she was not guilty … cry me a river Mz Ford ….

  • momoffour

    NO piity from me for the jury in this case. You want your freedom back??? Don’ t you think Caylee would like her LIIFE back??? How in the world `12 of you never bothered to ask HOW Caylee got from ‘drowned in the pool’ to rotting in the woods is beyond me. No dead person can walk into the woods. You showed NO common sense at all. Karma is out there and I am suspecting many of ‘the 12’ will have nightmares for years to come over letting that precious baby down and letting a lying murderer wallk free. Shame on all of you.

  • Ronnie

    May you never sleep again for what you did

  • mariann

    Dr. G said it all, you do not make an accident look like a murder …. but when your an idiot I can understand you not getting it … plus it is hard to concentrate on what the prosecution is saying when you are thinking of dessert lady

  • MiMomma

    Seriously??? Not one person will ever feel sorry for you and the rest of that lazy jury. We can only hope that NONE of you ever serve on a jury again!!! I really don’t know how any of you make it through your daily lives with the small amount of common sense you have. Was it you that convienced or badgered the rest of the jury into believing that Casey did not kill her baby girl? How do you think she died and got to the swamp????!!!!

  • Carol

    Jennifer, it wasn’t the media who convinced us of Casey’s guilt…it was the evidence. You should have paid attention during the trial.

  • Cathy Smith

    Wrong yet again Juror 4. As a member of the media you *think* is to blame for the outrage – unlike you, we all had 2 views of the trial – one of lawyers, the other of “Casey Cam.”
    It would appear with your arrogance still steadfast – you’ve clearly not seen how Casey “played” each of you for fools, of her antics outside your presence.
    The world saw it – as we watched in horror that every day this child killer acted as if it was Happy Hour party, not a murder trial.

    The world was also able to follow the evidence, instead of getting stuck on 2 blatantly false “notions” from an opening statement, that is not even considered evidence!!!

    Truthfully Juror 4, you couldn’t pay me to interview you.
    You actually fell for the WORST, the SLOPPIEST, the most laughable defense that the world has ever seen!!!!!
    Only a mental midget could have believed this defense team.
    That said – perhaps your arrogance should be SHAME.

    I pray you humble yourself – as your karma will not be kind to you. Particularly in light that the day after what was supposed to have been Caylee’s 6th birthday – you opted to spit on her grave – yet again.

    • ArgentinaRose Gomez

      You’re right cathy smith, she played this jury like a violin. they never saw the many faces and tatics of Casey Anthony. she would pretend that she couldn’t stand to watch the photo’s of Caylee’s skull as well as the other bones. this was done for the sake of the jury. but, when they showed the skull with the duct tape covering her air ways, Casey looked at that and had no problem doing so. she didn’t even cry! oh yea, she really played the 12 of you for what you really are. {FOOLS}.

  • Victoria

    Ms. Ford, Did it ever occur to anyone on this jury to discuss the evidence or look over some of the evidence? It has been said many times no notes were taken. That seems odd to me. It is like no notes needed to be taken cause a not guilty verdict was already in the works. Have you watched video of the Casey you didnt see. Laughing, flirting and flipping the bird in the courtroom? A baby killer walks free could make bloodmoney from murdering her daughter and maybe have children again someday. God forgive you if she does and murders again!

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