by Barbara Ann Kelley,

Once is enough for one Pinellas County Woman who was a juror on the Casey Anthony murder trail. For Jennifer Ford, the best source of insight has been hindsight. “If I knew then what I know now, I might not have been so willing and honest” says Ford.

Ford, a 32 year old nursing student, adds “I didn’t know the whole world was watching and that everyone had made up their mind on what the verdict was, I didn’t understand the magnitude of it”.

The whole experience has been stressful for Ford. Since May, she has gone from a nursing student who knew nothing about the case, to being scorned nationwide for her part in the verdict that cleared Anthony of first-degree murder and other felony charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

In addition to the nations anger at the not guilty verdict, Ford says she was kicked out of her house because of swarms of reporters camped outside her and her mother’s home.

To say it has been an eye-opening experience for Ford is an understatement. “It’s just overwhelming, I have lost 10 pounds due to the worry and stress related to this trail.”

Ford blames the media and says, “I think the media helped the nation determine the case before the jury saw it. Ford says she hopes to never see another criminal case from the jury box. “I just want my freedom back and a lifetime pass on jury duty.”

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  1. chuck says:

    Jennifer, you goes left your your common sense out the door, or you purposely voted not guilty for fame…Never the less , you let a murderer walk free …Thank God you were not on the Scott Peterson case, because Scott would be walking free right now….You should have used common sense, you got what you derserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hilde says:

    Wise Decision by You not wanting to be a Part of a Jury again.
    The Victim in any Case will be thankful.

  3. Kmsc says:

    Boo Hoo!! I have no sympathy for you.

  4. Gayle says:

    It was not the jury’s duty to determine how the little girl died. Lacey Peterson was dead, but no one knew how she died. Didnt stop that jury from doing the RIGHT thing. Why do you think the prosecution gave the speech about
    COMMON SENSE. I guess they knew the jury pretty well.

    Pay attention to the rules and dont be in such a hurry to get home.
    There were other options, if you couldnt be brave and give her the death penalty. What was wrong with Manslaughter…

    They take decades to kill someone on death row.
    Shame on this jury, each and every one.

    1. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:

      I agree with you chuck, I also don’t believe that she knew nothing about this case before she was called to serve on the jury. I’m glad she’s having problems and, I hope she continues to do so for the rest of her miserable life. btw, I hope I never have to have the services of this woman as a nurse if she get that far. she really is lacking in the common sense dept right along with the other jurors.

  5. offthecuff says:

    I agree with Jennifer. I also regret she was a juror.

  6. kinght owl says:

    Ms.Ford couldn’t have been too stressed as she is been all over the media telling her story and no doubt getting paid for it. I am wondering were they this stupid or did a few of them decide to shock the nation with a not guilty to make more money off their story. Who knows these days. It was not like this was a difficult case to figure out and the prosecutor’s couldn’t have laid it out more clearly. I have no sympathy for any juror’s just for the victim, baby Caylee.

    1. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:

      knight owl, how right you are and, she is probably upset that she has not made the amount of money that she thought she would by appearing on tv and telling about her being on that jury. they all voted her not guilty because, they saw an easy way to make some money. I don’t feel anything for this dense woman at all. she is getting what she surely deserve.

  7. knight owl says:

    juror’s would not have been the ones determining if Casey got death had the juror’s given her guilty in first degree murder. That decision would have been made at a later date by Judge Perry.

  8. Hilde says:

    What really amazes me is the Jury only took less than 11 Hrs, to come back with their Verdict. By God this was a Murder Case! The Prosecution laid out Everything they had short of a Video of the Crime.
    Was the Victim Caylee Marie who was only a couple month short of being 3 Yrs. old not worth the Time to look at All the Evidence which led right to Casey Anthony, her Mother as the Perpetrator?
    The Jury seemed to just pay Attention to the made up Story of the alleged Drowning, there was no Evidence whatsoever that happened.
    Caylee deserved better than that!
    Prosecutions Evidence was ignored and a Killer was let go.
    Why didn’t the Jury take time to pay more Attention and ask Questions if they were confused.
    This little Girl deserved better from that Jury, You will never convince me otherwise.
    Injustice has been done to the Victim in this Case.
    I it would have been Your little Girl instead of Caylee would You still not have paid more Attention to the Evidence and rushed through with the Verdict! I doubt it!
    You and the Rest of that Jury will have to live with that Decision You made, I do not envy You.

    1. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:

      It took the jury in Texas three days to deliberate the case against Warren Jeffs and, here it took these IDIOTS nine hours to deliberate a murder case. how dumb can 12 people be?

  9. knight owl says:

    Bravo Hilde.

  10. Marne says:

    I hope you don’t become a nurse because God help a patient relying on you to have common sense and focus. Yikes! You are dishonest and stupid, a bad combination. (I say dishonest because you sure didn’t look stressed at Disney Land!) You got your reward, now shut up. You have a dead baby on your conscience..or you should.

  11. ken says:

    she did vote not gulty for money not only she all the jurrors they planned to vote not guilty and release casy free so they can make money from the media

  12. Kcrn says:

    Yes please spare us. we can only hope u never serve on a jury again. Casey did get a jury of her peers, self serving, non rational, lacking common sense idiots. I truly hope these jurors researched this case & evidence again after all of the outrage & deep down are as disgusted with themselves as we are for that ridiculous verdict. By not convicting on any of the major charges, they told us that they are the only 12 morons in the world who believed baez the u really think this narcissistic skank would have sat in jail 3 years if her child had drowned?!? convenient that we never heard this story until trial. Also love the fact that u morona bought it because they showed u a pic of the child climbing the ladder. I guess if they had shown u that she could reach the duct tape & the garbage bags u could be convinced she duct taped her own face, climbed into those bags and threw herself in a swap. God help us if this is an indication of the potential for idiots on a jury.

  13. MAKE MY DAY says:

    What goes around – comes around!!! You’ll get yours – so will Anthony!!!

    1. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:

      I can only hope she gets it sooner rather that later! she along with the other 11 IDIOTS, make me sick. they all knew darn well that Casey was and is GUILTY. but, people will do anything for money won’t they Jennifer Ford? I hope when ever you go to sleep at night, that you will see Caylee’s face for the rest of your life.

  14. jamey says:

    Good luck thank you for serving on a jury of your peers

  15. MB says:

    “Bella Vita” for you too Jennifer Ford.

  16. Mariann says:

    Oh Pullleeeze, you did everything possible short of standing on your head to get on this jury .. you know it and we know it … they say Casey is the most hated person in the US, well Mzzzz, Ford you are the second most hated …. blood drips from your hands also …. so did you enjoy Chick Filet and Dessert lady, bet you did …. Skank

  17. mariann says:

    Mz. Ford did your family throw you out of the house after you and your family got a paid trip to Disney World …. Don’t think of writing a book, no one will buy it and you really have nothing to say …. just GO AWAY … Caylees blood is on your hands

    1. momoffour says:

      Didn’t you feel just a teeny bit uneasy going to Disney World wuth your extended family and seeing al the other happy llittle girls there having fun like Caylee SHOULD have beeb able tio do too??? Was that free trip really worth living what you must have to live with for the rest of your life……knowing you put a murdering mother back on the streets, just so you all could get back to your own lives faster??
      I would demand another nurse if I were needing care and YOU came into the room. You obviously don’t care about patients if you did not care about a precious baby girl. All 12 of you deserve to be shamed fiorever, Do you ever eveb THINK about Caylee since the trial ended? I hope you apoilogize to her daily for what you 12 did.

  18. Mariann says:

    Kcrn .. don’t forget the computer searches for neck breaking and household weapons …. yeah like Casey would sit in jail for 3 years if she was not guilty … cry me a river Mz Ford ….

  19. momoffour says:

    NO piity from me for the jury in this case. You want your freedom back??? Don’ t you think Caylee would like her LIIFE back??? How in the world `12 of you never bothered to ask HOW Caylee got from ‘drowned in the pool’ to rotting in the woods is beyond me. No dead person can walk into the woods. You showed NO common sense at all. Karma is out there and I am suspecting many of ‘the 12’ will have nightmares for years to come over letting that precious baby down and letting a lying murderer wallk free. Shame on all of you.

  20. Ronnie says:

    May you never sleep again for what you did

  21. mariann says:

    Dr. G said it all, you do not make an accident look like a murder …. but when your an idiot I can understand you not getting it … plus it is hard to concentrate on what the prosecution is saying when you are thinking of dessert lady

  22. MiMomma says:

    Seriously??? Not one person will ever feel sorry for you and the rest of that lazy jury. We can only hope that NONE of you ever serve on a jury again!!! I really don’t know how any of you make it through your daily lives with the small amount of common sense you have. Was it you that convienced or badgered the rest of the jury into believing that Casey did not kill her baby girl? How do you think she died and got to the swamp????!!!!

  23. Carol says:

    Jennifer, it wasn’t the media who convinced us of Casey’s guilt…it was the evidence. You should have paid attention during the trial.

  24. Cathy Smith says:

    Wrong yet again Juror 4. As a member of the media you *think* is to blame for the outrage – unlike you, we all had 2 views of the trial – one of lawyers, the other of “Casey Cam.”
    It would appear with your arrogance still steadfast – you’ve clearly not seen how Casey “played” each of you for fools, of her antics outside your presence.
    The world saw it – as we watched in horror that every day this child killer acted as if it was Happy Hour party, not a murder trial.

    The world was also able to follow the evidence, instead of getting stuck on 2 blatantly false “notions” from an opening statement, that is not even considered evidence!!!

    Truthfully Juror 4, you couldn’t pay me to interview you.
    You actually fell for the WORST, the SLOPPIEST, the most laughable defense that the world has ever seen!!!!!
    Only a mental midget could have believed this defense team.
    That said – perhaps your arrogance should be SHAME.

    I pray you humble yourself – as your karma will not be kind to you. Particularly in light that the day after what was supposed to have been Caylee’s 6th birthday – you opted to spit on her grave – yet again.

    1. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:

      You’re right cathy smith, she played this jury like a violin. they never saw the many faces and tatics of Casey Anthony. she would pretend that she couldn’t stand to watch the photo’s of Caylee’s skull as well as the other bones. this was done for the sake of the jury. but, when they showed the skull with the duct tape covering her air ways, Casey looked at that and had no problem doing so. she didn’t even cry! oh yea, she really played the 12 of you for what you really are. {FOOLS}.

  25. Victoria says:

    Ms. Ford, Did it ever occur to anyone on this jury to discuss the evidence or look over some of the evidence? It has been said many times no notes were taken. That seems odd to me. It is like no notes needed to be taken cause a not guilty verdict was already in the works. Have you watched video of the Casey you didnt see. Laughing, flirting and flipping the bird in the courtroom? A baby killer walks free could make bloodmoney from murdering her daughter and maybe have children again someday. God forgive you if she does and murders again!

  26. Amy says:

    Now Jennifer that’s the smartest thing you said so far! I agree and also regret you being a juror. Noone will ever feel sorry for u or any of the other jurors. I’m sure Caylee would like her freedom and LIFE back as well. Did any of you jurors ask yourselves “if it was really an accident, why would she sit in jail for 3 years waiting for her MURDER trial”?? Huh? Did you? Guess not. DUMB JURORS! You people have been called the 12 villiage idiots…. and THAT SHOE FITS

  27. Kathy Smyth says:

    You are an idiot……go away.

  28. Kathleen Mulcahy says:

    You just make me sick…go away or rather…go back to Disney

  29. June says:

    If you think the public is bad, wait until Karma get hold of you.

    1. momoffour says:

      There willl be a great deal of Karma coming to the idiots that served on this jury, the lawyers and anyone that helped to get this babykiller back on the streets. MANY of us just hope and pray that she will be the next OJ and be back behind bars sooner rather than later.

      What a slap in the face that will be to precious little Caylee………….eventually Casey could serve more time (like OJ) for some other offense than for killing her child. I hope Caylee’s eyes haunt them all FOREVER.

  30. ChuckyChats says:

    Honestly Ms. Ford, I’d love to know how it is even possible that 12 people were in the same room who felt she was not guilty? The odds are stacked against it. Sure, some of the evidence was over the heads of some of the jurors, but that was what deliberation was for. Tell me, who bullied who in that room? There is NO way all 12 of you were money hungry, lazy, and in a rush — there had to be a juror or two with real morals and a sense of duty. I’d like to hear from THOSE jurors as to what really went on.

    Had you all examined each piece, discussed and weighed all the evidence, asked questions if you did not understand something, and simply did your job as jurors and put the pieces of the puzzle together to see if the picture that emerged showed her guilt, you would have not found her “not guilty” of all those charges. You threw the word “reasonable” away and inserted any doubt, even fabricated doubt. Thanks to this jury a killer is free to kill again, and by your standards no one will ever be found guilty again. Did you look at the cell phone evidence that showed that Casey was back at the house after George went to WORK that afternoon — Casey and Casey alone? That Casey was the only one home at the time of the computer searches? Did you miss the part about Casey being a compulsive liar, who after 3 years of sitting alone in jail suddenly came up with an accident and molestation to explain away why she did not report Caylee missing and why she went and partied afterwards?? ALL of a sudden she was telling the truth? WHY would her lawyer let her sit in jail and face the DP if it were an accident?? Now is THAT reasonable???

    You SAY you are stressed?? WHY then are you continuing to put yourself out there just to make money? You can’t be TOO stressed if you are willing to expose yourself to make money. Unfortunately, unless a juror comes forward to honestly say who changed their minds in that room, and HOW, nothing you ever say will excuse what you did. When this sociopath kills again (and believe me she is talking about having children and when she gets tired of that child she will now figure she can easily kill it and get away with it again) — it’s YOUR FAULT. Yes, don’t write a book — we will NOT buy it. ANYONE trying to profit off of this travesty will be boycotted and shunned — so please do as asked and just go away now.

    1. Mariann says:

      One moron alternate and 2 Village Idiots came forward so far, the others are probably lying to everyone that they were alternates “so don’t blame me” Wonder if Farmville lady is tending to her crops on Caylees birthday ….
      I have to disagree with “casey will kill again” No, she won’t … Larry Flint will make her rich (something that you wish would happen eh Mz Ford, bet you want that 3 million) and she will hire a nanny to take care of the baby for real this time while she pole dances and mud wrestles with her mother … You Mz. Ford are a liar just like Casey … you knew all about this case and did everything to get on the jury … the prosecution even said they thought you may be a stealth and they were right …. Karma will get you soon I hope ….. Good Luck you greedy imbecile.

  31. Mariann says:

    Chucky Chats, there was 100 bags of evidence and NOT ONE was opened by the 12 Village Idiots …. yet DURING the trial, one juror asked a question and it was very apparent that they were discussing this trial even though Judge Perry admonished them not too talk about it …. now tell me, what is wrong with this picture ?

  32. Robert says:

    Jennifer should never be allowed to be a nurse. I wouldn’t want this idiot to be a nurse for anyone – Except maybe Casey’s nurse 😉

  33. gullivers travels says:

    This woman is so stupid, I don’t think anyone needs to worry about her being a nurse! She just keeps reappearing time after time to declare that she wants to be left alone. Then shut up and go away. You got on that jury because you thought you would make a buck. Either you are too weak minded to stand up for what you really believe, or you were in on a plan to sensationalize the verdict to make money. No money in the world will ever clear your karma. You COULD have made a diference for abused neglected and murdered children. Instead, you decided to do what you did. Please don’t ever have children of your own, I don’t think they would ever be safe with you.

  34. momoffour says:

    Great idea, Robert. Maybe Jennifer could be Casey’s nurse permanently. They claim Casey is needing mental health………………a good job for Jennifer would be to stay with crazy babykiller 24/7. They deserve each other. Since you no longer have your home ‘safe’ to live in and Casey will be homneless once her lawyers realize their cash cow isn’t going to make them rich………..maybe you and Casey can be BBF.

  35. Jay Para says:

    Really, you’re all blaming the juror who says, “if I knew then what I know now.” The problem here lies not with jurors but the prosecution and the judge. The prosecution for failing to even charge Casey with lesser, easier to prove crimes. Additionally, prosecutors failed to even present evidence correctly. And let’s not forget Judge Perry “Lance Ito” Belvin, errors aside he allowed the court to become a media circus. I’m no fan of Casey Anthony but based on the evidence presented I’m not sure how any jury could convict. The jury must return a verdict based on the instructions of the court and here, that is what happened.
    My question is, with prosecutors and judges like this how can anyone get a fair trial at all.

    1. Fly Away says:

      Yeah Really Mr. Para ……. 17 idiots and one pandering judge who let the defense go berserk …. I agree, you must have been on that jury …. anyone with a brain would not make the comments you are making. JMO

    2. Diana says:

      Jay Para are you sure you are not one of the 12 idiots?

    3. Deb Gray says:

      they had lesser charges aggravated child abuse. As far as i’m concerned you dont report your child missing for 31 days thats child abuse and it is on your head what happens to that child. Ultimately you are responsible for you child.

  36. Guest says:

    Jennifer, find yourself a nice Freeway Overpass to establish your new residence under. Don’t forget to inform the IRS of your new address. You know milepost xx Overpass. No sympathy from me for being thrown out of your home.

  37. Guest says:

    Jay Para, you must have been a juror eh ??? … the prosecution could not have made it clearer from the opening statements and Dr. G said “No one makes an accident look like a murder” and as for the death penalty, the jurors could have asked about clarification during deliberations ….. so please spare us all with this BS about blaming the jury ….. this case was a no brainer for Guilty Murder One, but it didn’t count on 12 morons without 1 functioning brain combined … the defense put on a disgusting show and got lucky with the 12 morons. LUCK PS: The Grand Jury indicted her in a New York minute for Murder One …

  38. Firefly says:

    LOL I love the comment from Jennifer Ford in the above article ‘She blames the media” LOL Wasn’t she the first one to contact the media of the 12 morons (I know an alternate that was yapping his flap just before her) So this hosebag Jennifer blames the media yet she keeps contacting them.

  39. Firefly says:

    Aren’t you a felon Jennifer ? Do you think anyone believes your family kicked you out, after all Jennifer your greedy family has got some Caylee blood on their hands now don’t they, did they enjoy Disney? I know Judge Perry allowed 2 felons to be on the jury and one farmville lady who did not want to judge anyone but they still had her on the jury. You are a liar just like Casey and hope you get a big taste of karma.

  40. Love2Teach says:

    The prosecution did not prove its case. It’s shame on the prosecution for rushing to trial…NOT on the jury! And shame on those who castigate the 12 jurors for fulfilling their duty!

    There are cases similar to this around the country that are years old. Why haven’t those cases gone to trial yet? Because you only get ONE chance…and those prosecutors are making sure they will get a conviction when going to trial!

  41. Teri says:

    The prosecution couldn’t even prove it was a murder. They had absolutely NO evidence of how Caylee died and they didn’t prove that she COULDN’T have drowned. There was absolutely NO EVIDENCE linking Casey to the death of Caylee. No DNA on the tape, no DNA in the car no NOTHING. A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor wants them to and Casey spent 3 years in jail because she didn’t have the bail money which was a million bucks.

    1. D says:

      Teri are you one of the 12 idiots?

    2. Deb Gray says:

      yeo she put the duct tape on herself jumped in a laundry bag and hopped 5 minutes down the street and lay down in a swamp all by herself and died. You are so intelligent if you think 2 yr old child did that. read my other post down the page teri maybe you will learn something. Pay attention Judge Perry told Bozo unless he could provide some proof not bring up drowning again and hmmm did you notice he couldnt put it in his closing statement . I hope he gets disbarred for all his antics too and his outright lies.

  42. Real Deal says:

    watch for ford’s book as she whines cuz the public is holding her accountable for her stupidity in letting the murderer go

    ford would make a good judge………. turning criminals loose on the public to do crime, again

  43. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Bottomline: The prosecutors did not do their job. Period. The jurors did not have access to the media circus that the rest of the US had access to and they based their judgment on the lack of evidence. Constitutional law 101. The prosecutors failed to present enough evidence to get a conviction thus the blame lies with them.

  44. Marcy Smith says:

    Bottonline, the Prosecutors did they job and the jury did not…they didn’t look over any evidence, prob. was paid off and now want to cry because no one wants to read a book they might write..I don’t feel sorry for any of these lazy people, that didn’t want to listen to the Judges orders or discuss the case and come to the fact that there was more than enough evidence to put Casey to death. Now you made your bed, deal with it.

  45. D says:

    Ms Ford, just kill yourself….. this world will be a better place. One less idiot !!!!

  46. TAMMI says:


  47. Deb Gray says:

    The people that defend Casey Anthony are all idiots as far as I am concerned. I can tell you they did not watch the whole trial, they do not understand evidence and they certainly aren’t parents. #1 she didnt report her child missing for 31 days. #2 she was last one seen with Caylee. #3 She did searches for chloroform ,even tho mommy committed perjury by saying she did them. #4 Chloroform was found in her trunk # 5 SHE asked the Neighbor for a SHOVEL #5 cadaver dogs hit in the anthony back yard and Caseys car. Now I will explain cadaver dogs since you dont understand what they are cadaver dogs are specifically trained to find dead bodies and only trained for that purpose. #6 no dna cos CAylee was in water cos the swamp was flooded because of a hurricane. #7 no nanny existed-lie #8 swamp was pet cemetary casey was there plenty of times #8 swamp right down the street from anthonys house #9 coroner said it was murder no one covers an accident to make it look like a murder #10 Casey dumps her car , when found had decomp in trunk and chloroform and tow driver and george and cindy all said it smells like there was a dead body in the damn trunk #11 caylees hair found in trunk with death band on it, which means for those of you who cant follow she was dead and in her mothers trunk. #12 story of drowning was from another woman in jail with Casey, her little boy drowned in the family swimming pool and HIS grandfather found him. #13 jail house video with casey, george and cindy, cindy tells casey press is saying she drowned in pool and casey says surprise surprise, this is a least a year before her trial,She doesnt say well thats what happened. If any of you want more evidence I know I watched the whole trial. People have brought up Scott Peterson I watched his trial and the way he acted didnt see any diff between him who killed his pregnant wife and was on his way to kill his girlfriend when he was arrested. Pathologiccal liars both of them no emotion except their laughing. Her little tears she had in the courtroom were for the jury cos when the jury wasnt there different casey who wouldnt look at the skull pics when the jury was in the room but who stared at them when they were not there and no emotion. Another fact is that they found a child before they found Caylee first words out of Caseys mouth were that it was not Caylee and no other reaction. When they found Caylees remains she about passed out from hyperventilating collapsed in a chair and said oh no. But at the time she found out they did not know for sure it was Caylee. Now you idiots want to sit back and say she didnt do it. Go look at the evidence and u would have to be village idiots not to see she is guilty.

  48. Phoebe Moody says:

    Jennifer Ford … You deserve NO RESPECT. That ALSO goes for the eleven other imbeciles who served on the jury with you …. not to mention the maggot you acquitted …. along with her entire defense team. A POX on every single one of you for the rest of your lives — which, I hope, are very short in duration!!!

  49. GAbe says:

    Thanks Jennifer for not serving on any more juries, we don’t have to worry about you letting anymore murders go scott free. You and your comrades are idiots and have allowed a murder to go free.

    IQ test definitely need to be part of the jury selection process.

  50. daddyfrank says:


    these jurors should keep their mouth shut. everytime one speeks the more they make themselves look like idiots.
    they saw and heard all the same evidence that the world saw. someone on that jury influenced the others.

    if the media could find who first used the terms “speculation” and “cause of death” we would then know who influenced the others.

  51. Juan says:

    We future victims of murder crimes salute your decision of not wanting to be part of a jury anymore, we too agrre that you should get a life pass. Also we believe you shouldn’t even be allowd to drive, work with people, pocess a firearm, I mean you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.
    Thank you for not wanting to participate in any future legal proccess.

  52. Armie says:

    Jennifer can’t possibly regret being a juror as much as I regret her being one. I really wish she would just shut the hell up and go away…..far, far away. Each time she opens her mouth she sounds more ridiculous. She’s a complete idiot.

  53. floridapossum says:

    As a nurse for 32 years, I can say, anyone who possesses such a profound lack of judgment and common sense, has no business being a nurse. Nurses have to be intelligent and possess deductive reasoning, Ms. Ford is not and has not. Do the profession a favor and find another line of work. There are already enough idiots in the health-care system.

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