Five Times the Gossip

Gossip Girl- Season 5

Good afternoon Upper East Side lovers, bet you don’t need to check your calendars to know what today is…

Are you ready for five times the drama, chaos, and excitement? Well we are, and we are counting down the hours until the anticipated fifth season première of Gossip Girl, airing tonight at 8pm on CW44.

The season four finale left viewers with a list of unanswered questions. Here’s my best shot at answering them.. LOL!

Whose pregnancy test was in the trash?

Maybe Serena’s, then again who has she been sleeping with, maybe it’s Blair’s.. she did just have sex with Chuck Bass before finally ending up with the prince, then again that crazy bitch Georgina Sparks was around and you know that she is always getting herself into some kind of trouble. Those are my guesses but what do I know.

Will Blair marry the Prince of Monaco, and leave Chuck and Dan in the past for good?

Blair and Dan’s relationship has been so strange lately. They “say” that they like to watch movies with each other and I somewhat believe them. I think that they aren’t really suitable for a relationship, but I do believe that the two of them are starting to be great friends.. which is really strange to me because they always despised one another in the beginning of the show.

We all know that Blair and Chuck have had something going on since high school, their chemistry, their jealously and sometimes their pure hatred for each other always seemed to bring them closer together to one another. Chuck did make a so-called “final” decision about their relationship when he told Blair to marry the prince. Although, I’m not sure if that was him scheming, knowing in the end that they will be together or if he really meant it. But, I definitely think that these two should be together. Screw the prince that’s just a fairytale, Chuck is real.

Will Serena find out the truth about her crazy cousin Charlie, or should I say “Ivy”?

The ol’ make up a fake daughter to get you inheritance money scheme. Charlie is the cousin to Serena, her real name is actually Ivy and she was paid by Serena’s aunt to pretend to be her daughter so she could get her daughter’s inheritance. Hurry quick, someone give this women a “Mother of the Year Award” stat! That is how our newest character Ivy is joining the cast of Gossip Girl. Serena and her family still have no idea that the person they met named Charlie isn’t her real cousin. That’s going to be some good family drama right there and I’m guessing that Ivy is headed back to NYC to tell them all about it.

What about Nate and Chuck, where did those handsome fellas end up after spinning the globe?

Looks like these two are bringing there handsome and charming selves to the west coast. They, along with Serena will probably be getting themselves into a lot of trouble and I certainly hope so!

We cannot wait to find out all the latest gossip, only four more hours!


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