QR Codes Taking Over the World

Zoe Stiling

(Source- www.fastcompany.com)

This ad campaign is about the popular inclination towards “QR” codes and their effectiveness, particularly for a Victoria’s Secret QR code.

The QR phenomenon is being used more and more everyday by a gamut of companies. As stated in the article, QR codes are “like a smarter barcode for the 21st century”.

As shown in the Victoria’s Secret Billboard, for VS’s “Sexier Than Skin” campaign, this QR advertisement entices and viewer (who have used QR codes before or not) to try it.

This particular QR ad is creative in that it is using “sex” to get users to snap their codes on their smartphones. Candice, the VS model on the billboard, is playfully glancing over her shoulder while ‘innocently’ holding her hand to her mouth. The QR code is strategically placed over her bottom half, where her VS underwear would be, making her appear nude. The user would use this QR code to see Candice’s “secret”, in other words, what underwear is Candice wearing?

Snapping this QR code or any other QR code on an advertisement, means that the user is automatically, or “automagically”, taken to a URL in which the blotchy QR code is then transformed from pixels to any message or image an advertiser wishes their consumers to receive.

This new form of advertising has sky-rocketed due to the increasing number of smart phone users. It is a two-way, beneficial form of sending and receiving messages. The advertiser is not put out much by the cost of this pixellated advertisement, compared to the number of views it accumulates afterwards. The article states that “80% of legal professionals could be using QR codes inside this year”.

This “smartphone revolution” has caused advertisers to invent this new mode of sending their message out to consumers. The more that we continue to buy smart phones “by the billions” the more advertisers will utilize this form of advertising—“instantly linking a real-world piece of data to a digital portal for enhanced content”.

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