Now when I sat down to watch a sneak preview of Killer Elite I didn’t know what kind of Jason Statham movie I was going to get.  Was I going to get the mindless action of Crank or The Transporter films? Or was I going to get the old Jason Statham starring in movies like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, or The Italian Job, which I thought Statham was great as an actor in?  The truth is Killer Elite is a bit of both but it’s leaning towards the old Statham which is a good thing.

The movie takes place at the turn of the 1980s with Statham playing Danny Byrce a super secret government assassin that makes his hits look like accidents or random acts of violence.   When a job goes bad Bryce has a change of heart and leaves the business. He is eventually drawn back in when his mentor played by Robert De Niro is kidnapped.  Now what I like about this movie is even though Statham and De Niro are the main characters, technically they are the villains because they are hunting down ex-military who were just doing there jobs during war times.  Clive Owen’s character a British agent named Spike is actually the only Dudley-do-right of the bunch and he is treated like the villain from audience’s point of view.  The scene stealer of the movies was Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell who plays one of Danny’s old assassin pals who is great as a womanizing drunk secret agent.  Now fans of Statham’s butt kicking will be pleased to know that there is plenty of that in this picture.  At one point he even jumps out of a three-story window while still tied to a chair.  He’s not using a defibrillator on himself like the Crank films but he still whoops butt. I would definitely recommend this flick if you are Statham fan or not.

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