In last’s week blog I proclaimed the summer movie season of 2011 over!  So now that it’s over I’m going to give you my potato picks for this past summer in the world of movies.

Biggest Surprise:  There were many box office surprises this summer movie season.  Horrible Bosses killed it at the box office making over $100 million and Super 8 with no big stars made over a $120 million.  The Rise of the Plant of the Apes rose to the top box office in August and The Help cleaned up after them but I’m going back to the beginning of the summer for my pick.  Bridesmaids made for about $32 million and had no big female leads but through good word of mouth managed to rake in a $168 million.  What’s more impressive is that Bridesmaids didn’t have the luxury The Help did with weak competition at the box office.  Bridesmaids had to deal with Thor, Jack Sparrow, and the “wolf pack,” but managed to hang around the top of the box office into late June.  It’s made all the stars wanted commodities for other projects which brings me to my next category….

Breakout Star:  Even though she just scored and Emmy nomination for her role on Mike and Molly,   Melissa McCarthy made people laugh out loud as the future sister in law Megan in Bridesmaids.  Now let’s state the obvious, Melissa McCarthy is a big girl.  She’s not what Hollywood typically looks for in their leading ladies but you know what I say?  Who cares!  Kathy Bates has been one of my favorite movie actresses for years and she’s not winning any beauty contests.  The girl is funny and can act.  She’s got roles lined up with Judd Apatow and will host Saturday Night Live in the fall.  I also think she is still a dark horse for the supporting actress category when awards season roles around later this year.

Biggest Disappointment:  Unfortunately there were a few this summer.  Cowboys and Aliens, Conan, and all the people who bought tickets to see Transformers 3.  You can even include me in that bunch because I predicted that this would be the biggest summer box office ever.  The pick ultimately goes to the Green Lantern.  How could you screw this one up DC?  Classic Character, your weapon is a ring that will create anything, and you had Ryan Reynolds.  What happened? Bad word of mouth and problems with production and special effects, that’s what happened.  Considering you had a built-in audience and the film cost over $200 million to make,  Green Lantern only managed to make $115 million which is bad!  Good thing DC and Warner Brothers have The Dark Knight Rises next summer to recoup some of that Lantern loss.

Best Flick:  Yes there were some disappointments but there were some great films too.  Harry Potter ended their series on a high note becoming the highest grossing film of the summer.  The Apes has you rooting for Caesar by the end of the film and X-Men: First Class breathed new life into a franchise by going back to the past.  Call me a homer for Marvel but my favorite film of the summer was Captain America: The First Avenger.  Now this summer leading up to its release I had major concerns as a fan of the Captain.  The trailers just didn’t show a lot and I wondered how a super hero story from the 1940s would translate to todays audience.  Boy I was happy to be wrong about The First Avenger.   People of all ages loved this throwback action movies that had an Indiana Jones type feel to it.  Chris Evans had his doubters when he took this role but he won me over with his character pre super serum injections as a young man who just wants a chance to fight.  I loved the patriotic feel of the movie and who doesn’t like a hero who dresses in red, white, and blue that’s killing Nazis.  Plus the movie leads perfectly into The Avengers next summer which Steve Rogers is sure to play a prominent role.

Best Weapon:  My favorite category.  Cools Weapons are a must have at the summer box office.  Captain America’s Shield,  the Elder Wand,  and Emma Stone’s pen and paper in The Help are all cool weapons.  But the coolest weapon is the Mjolnir,  Thor’s Hammer.  Who wouldn’t want a huge stone hammer that only you can pick up and will come back to you whenever you throw it.  A cool weapon always helps you at the box office. I have a foam Hammer from the movie that I keep around the office and sometimes I try to throw it in the hopes it will come back to me, but it doesn’t.  The only way it comes back to me is if a co-worker hands it to me after I’ve accidentally hit them with it.  (My Bad Kevin.)

Do you agree? Disagree?  Leave me your comments or picks below or check me out on facebook and leave your thoughts and opinion there.


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