Most Creepy and Hated Person In America

By Barbara Ann Kelley,

Florida is the home to the most hated person in America.

Casey Anthony, the Orlando mother who was  acquitted of murdering her two year-old daughter Caylee by a Pinellas County selected jury, is now the most hated person in America.

This is according to a new poll that tracks public perceptions of celebrities. Casey was found to be more disliked than California’s “Octomom” and OJ Simpson according to the recent poll by E-Poll Market Research.

The new poll came out Wednesday, two days after what would have been Caylee Marie Anthony’s 6th Birthday. Hundreds gathered Monday at the site where Caylee’s remains were found to commemorate what would have been her sixth birthday. Among the those gathered were Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony. Casey her mother , now the most hated person in America, was absent from the gathering. She reportedly is still in hiding after being found not guilty of murder charges in her daughter’s death.

Casey Anthony was also considered “Creepy” and “cold” by those polled. This poll comes as bad news for Anthony and her handlers who have feelers out for a million dollar interview deal. Networks, CBS and ABC have all publicly pledged not to pay Anthony to license photos or other materials if she does an interview.

NBC News has gone one step further stating they will not offer money for any Casey Anthony interview, Photo licensing or any other arrangements. Making such photo or licensing payments has been a way that most Networks get around their news division policies not to pay for interviews.


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