“Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” Review

Last night I got a chance to catch an early screening of the new film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and I came away thinking one thing.  The summer movie season is officially over.  Yes the superheroes, wizards, apes,  robots and the help are gone and they have been replaced by…. Wait for it……GREMLINS.  Yes Gremlins!  Now me being the movie buff that I am, I was well aware that this movie involved little monsters but by the audience’s reaction, they did not.  No this movie isn’t a haunted house movie but a “little monster movie.”  These little monsters appear and wreak havoc on everyone including little Sally who the monsters want for their evil intentions.  Now this movie definitely has a couple of scares and the first part of the movie is very creepy and well done.  Then there are other parts that are laughable.  For one thing no one believes Sally that there are murderous monsters living in their house even after she kills one and shows it to her parents.  If my kid brought me a dead gremlin I’m either calling Orkin or that old woman from Poltergeist.  Now this movie isn’t horrible but it’s not very good either.  It’s exactly what you would expect this time of year which is a dumping ground for movies who didn’t make the prime summer schedule release cut.  If you’re a fan of the horror genre and you want to go out and get a couple of scares this weekend then maybe catch this one during the matinée.  I’m still trying to figure out what was more scary last night…  those little monsters or Katie Holmes acting? Don’t forget to like the COUCH POTATO COMMENTATER  on Facebook.


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