By Barbara Ann Kelley,

Within two weeks the most hated and recognized person in America will be back in Florida and Orlando.

Judge Melvin Perry ruled on Friday that Casey Anthony must return to Orlando and serve one year’s probation for check fraud.

Casey has been in hiding since her July 17 release from the Orange County Jail after her acquittal on murder charges by a Pinellas County selected Jury. Her Lawyers are planning on appealing the ruling.

Judge Belvin Perry ruled that despite the fact Anthony had begun and finished her probation while jailed during her murder trial, she must serve probation after being released from jail like the original Judge had ruled. In January of 2010 Casey pleaded guilty in to using checks stolen from a friend. Judge Strickland ruled at the time he wanted her to serve probation after her release. Somehow wires were crossed and she served her probation while in jail awaiting trail on murder charges.

Judge Perry said Anthony must report to an Orange County probation officer no later than August 26, 2011 to began serving her one year probation for check fraud.
Casey Anthony’s attorneys argued she had already served her probation and ordering her to do so again would be double jeopardy. They also argued that if she was forced to return to Orlando, her life could be in danger due to the many death threats made against her after the controversial “Not Guilty” verdict.

Judge Perry ordered the Department of Corrections to keep Anthony’s address private during her probation, in an effort to keep her safe. Her attorneys have reported Casey Anthony has received many serious death threats after her release from jail, including an email photo with a bullet hole photoshopped through her head.

Comments (5)
  1. janelwhite says:

    Twelve months probation for not reporting a drowning? Another win for Casey Anthony. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    Jane, it’s for the check fraud. Read the article.

    Anyway, welcome back, Casey. Hope justice finds you.

  3. janelwhite says:

    Justice will find Casey in the form of armored vehicles full of cash for Casey. Is that the justice for Caylee we have been waiting years for? -Jane

  4. Jorj says:

    Jane, who cares what you have been waiting years for? You have nothing to do with Caylee or Casey. There’s a reason we have trial by jury instead of by mob in this country. Maybe it’s time to let this go and turn your attention to making your own life mean something.

    1. janelwhite says:

      I searched for Caylee when she was missing Jorj. I re-looked at the volunteer lists of searchers and I do not see anyone with your name on any of the lists so you have nothing to contribute to this case imo. -Jane

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