Police Nab Alleged Zit-Popper Grossing Out Fast-Food Customers

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Definitely not lovin’ it.

A man accused of disgusting McDonald’s patrons by popping his pimples was under arrest after customer complaints led to a brief chase by officers.

It started Monday when customers of the McDonald’s located at 2404 Santa Barbara Blvd. alerted authorities to a man standing outside the restaurant for about 10 minutes squeezing away at the acne on his back. Events that followed with police ended in a brief chase and the arrest of the man, who allegedly gave a false name when confronted about the complaints.

Owen Lemire Kato, 23, was arrested on charges of giving a false name upon arrest as well as drug offenses, according to Cape Coral Police Department reports.

According to the News-Press.com website, an off-duty police officer confronted Kato about the complaints from customers. Reports say Kato said his name was “John Smith” before giving his real name, but then fled on foot before being chased down and tackled by the officer and other police on duty nearby.

The News-Press also reported the suspect was found to have a syringe in his pocket allegedly used to inject Oxycontin.

No reason for the public dermatology exercise was given.

  • Linda

    In Chicago they hock lugies on the restaurant windows

    • ZZ

      Not surprised.

      • Another 5 letter word for fraud... OBAMA

  • Linda

    How did you know?

    • Michele Lloyd

      Like many adolescents, I had the typical acne panic attack and responded with a Clearasil counterattack. In my retribution against said zit, I managed to apply a glob of the noxious substance on my lower lip. LOL….

      • nobodyz

        How many years have you been waiting for just the right opportunity to share that bit of your personal history with the world?

    • DWT

      Because he is really stupid.

  • Michele Lloyd

    I often wondered why my Big Mac had an unusal Clearasil taste to it.




      • Norm

        I guess finding useful, reliable infotrmiaon on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  • Unoga

    the Drudge lead said he was arrested for popping his zits. Why did the police even confront him? he did nothing wrong. only after he ran, did the police take him into custody and determine that the name was false and discover the syringe. No probable cause if you ask me. He’ll walk.

    • Aj

      Wrong answer. He did plenty wrong. #1 It could be deemed a bio-hazard (especially near a restuarant). It is (whether you like it or not) classified as indecent. He won’t walk…..not without something pinned to him.

      • nuisance

        LOL Biohazard. I’d imagine with that leap in logic you for the FDA don’t you?

      • Jenny Bea

        You’re right- it’s a total health hazard. I’ve seen restaurants get $300 tickets for not having the paper towels right by the sink. But in addition, loitering is not legal in most places, and disturbing the peace could have been- well questioned anyway. There were enough reasons to call the police- and he would have walked until he decided to run away after giving a false name.


        “Biohazard” looks like somebody has been watching CSI too much.

        Now if he popped his zit on somebody – assault by bodily fluid

        So if I spit outside of McDonalds into the pushes, is the biohazard team going to come out with their suits and decontaminate the scene?

      • solo_poke

        Near a reastaurant,,,lol…but you don’t want the EPA regulated just zits?

    • Bob

      Shut up, stupid. There was a complaint and he was questioned at which point he ran. Go back to law school Perry Mason.

      • GF

        Yes, there was a complaint that he was being disgusting. But, until he gave a false name to a police officer he did nothing illegal. That is truly when his trouble started.

      • nuisance

        You don’t have to answer to the police just because they decide to question you. You don’t even have to stay unless they’re detaining you. In fact, you don’t ever have to answer their questions and you shouldn’t because they can and will be held against you.

      • soqueesh mulhatra

        All true. But no matter how many times you tell seemingly intelligent people to say nothing–they still insist on ignoring you. Then they wonder why their words get turned against them.
        Just remember… Every word that a cop says to you when you are a “person of interest,” is specifically designed for you to incriminate yourself in some fashion. They’re trained to do this–and their methods have been refined and perfected.

    • ZZ

      They confronted him because of customer complaints. He was definitely a nuicense and was loitering. BTW, there are three kinds of food contaminants (chemical, biological and physical) and judging by the looks of this fine, upstanding druggie, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near me – especially when I’m eating.

      • ZZ


      • Duh

        Hu would have to be one heck of a shot to splatter zit puss into the fry bins from out side the restaurant.

    • you know

      Correct Unoga. And AJ you’re an idiot. A funny idiot but an idiot all the same.

  • Big Puss-y

    He needed a little extra “special sauce” for that Mig Mac.

  • Kevin Stowell

    Dewwwwddd, that’s not mayonnaise!

    • rextrek

      Im gonna be sick……ewwwwwwwwww

  • Corrie

    I think that it’s more disgusting that people were actually eating McDonald’s food.

    • Armed Patriot

      I love a plain 1/4 pounder with a small fries stacked inside the bun with about 5 ketchup packs thrown in for flavor and moistness. Why, what do you find interesting to eat??? A green salad with plenty of mouchelles arugula?

    • ang

      I agree

    • Jonathan Albert Hartley

      I iknow Corrie. It’s disgusting when people can have choices isn’t it?

      But tell me, in the 70s, what was your opinion of all the people who complained about pornography?

    • Sharon Riordan


    • CWA worker

      Corrie loves the new apples and raisins sandwich.

  • you know

    Sorry “off-duty police office,” popping zits in public, even though disgusting, is not a crime and this guy was free to ignore your questioning and leave / run away at any time. Since he was not under arrest at the time of your questioning he certainly can’t be convicted of giving a false name upon arrest and your subsequest discovery of evidence which resulted from your unlawful seizre and search of this guy will be excluded by the court. Simply put, this under cover officer’s actions were much more grotesque than popping zits in public.

    • Bob

      Another Perry Mason moron. Go back to copwatch, thug.

      • you know

        Perry Mason? How old are you 100? Sorry to disappoint you but I know more about the law than the officer who made this bogus arrest and you. He was questioned by an off-duty officer more than likely in plain clothes. He had no obligation to identify himself. He’s not a “bio-hazard” no such ordinance or statute exists. The most the restaurant could do was ask him to leave. Too bad he was on public property outside the store and was free to ignore them. I admit his behavior was disgusting but there was nothing criminal here.

      • Armed Patriot

        @you know… The officer was interviewing a person that complaints were made against. Sorry bub but once an officer stops you, you are under his control. If he asks your name you might not need to answer, but if you give him a false name you are guilty of lying to a police officer, obstruction of justice, interfering in a police investigation… take your pick. Once the perp ran, he gave probable cause for further investigation. He wasnt arrested for popping zits, he was arrested for giving a false name and having a syringe. Being an ex con doesn’t mean you more about the law. How about your credentials??? Hmmm???

    • Ornley Gumfudgen

      If ya are asked to identify yourself by a sworn law enforcement officer, who is technically always on-duty an has jurisdiction anywhere in the state he or she serves in aside from some Federally owned properties, and you answer falsely you are guilty of committing a crime and deserve the repercussions under the full measure of the law.

      An th poppin of zits could also be against th law given it’s against th law ta spit on someone.

      • PK

        So if an off-duty policeman asks a girl out at a bar over a beer and she gives him a fake name, she is going to jail for committing a crime and he’s losing his job for drinking on duty. :-)

      • Duh

        You’ve been watching too many get your criminal justice career at barbie university commercials. You do not have to answer any questions that an off duty or on duty officer asks, whether under arrest or not. And I so not see anywhere that he was aiming puss at a person. I would stop watching CSI if I were you.

      • Honey

        This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any artciles on rehab?

    • Jonathan Albert Hartley

      you know…. what an ironic name that is.

      You don’t know S***, idiot. So what are you saying? The judge is going to throw out the case and cite the cop for some infraction? I doubt it, bozo.

      You need to understand one thing. TV isn’t real. And there’s a differeence between the law and the propaganda from jiailhouse lawyers.

    • willard

      I don’t care how the officer took care of this. He got a criminal off the streets. Well at least till some liberal judge lets him back out. In all honesty, probable cause should have been looking like a junkie with hoodlum razor marks carved into his eyebrows.

    • Russ

      I hope he comes to visit you while you and your family are eating and cannot do a thing but watch his zits pop all over you and your food.

    • Dreama

      Clear, informative, siplme. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  • Andrew P.

    The article says an off-duty officer approached him and asked his name? Did this man know the person questioning him was an officer? If not, it can hardly be considered a crime to give a false name to a total stranger (assuming he didn’t identify himself as an officer).

    Of course, it doesn’t explain the syringe…

    • Ornley Gumfudgen

      Do ya know th off-duty officer didn’t tell him he was a cop? If he didn’t know he was a cop I wonder why he ran?

      • Daniel Smith

        doubt if he actually took off running. probably was embarrassed by the incident, became defensive when confronted, and attempted to ignore the officer and walk away.

    • Leandro

      I sulhod watch bachelor pad just so I can see what all the awkward and funny moments are! I’ve actually wanted to try those skinny cow desserts they look good!

  • Tangair

    Great, just great. I opened this just before lunch!

    • Blondie

      I like to party, not look articles up olnnie. You made it happen.

  • Tony Sailor

    What an ass clown for a father. If I was the driver of the truck, I would have cracked the window and asked him if he also pimped her out at night since he is such a great “user” of his children.

    • Mikey

      Something tells me you’re in the wrong comment board.

      • will

        or injectin oxy

      • blupill

        or on acid

    • stephen coss

      Thats weird, I just read that story a second ago. That dude is an ass.

    • lakramer1211

      What’s this got to do with the current topic?



    GTFO 2012

  • Smijtty

    Well, everyone needs a hobby…

  • heatherfeather

    More aberrant behavior by another member of the drug culture. Lowlife.

    • NAME-ME

      Not a “member” of the drug culture….hes more “a victim” of the damn 5h1t!!!
      Maybe the organisation that sell the 5h1t are “member” of the drug culture…

      • Billy Bob

        And your point is?

  • robert

    Secret sauce

  • jim bob jr

    Haha, this is the highlight of my day; reading the comment boards at lunch.

  • Bill Dardar

    I no longer eat at fast food resturants because of animals like this.

    • jose

      I stopped eating there because of all the illegal aliens they hire instead of american workers…that is an act of treason against your own country

    • Eban C

      Yeah, because this is a major problem at fast food joints. Folks always taking care of acne near the food. Don’t want to eat at fast food places? Fine. It is healthier in the long run not to eat fast food. But to say you don’t eat fast food because of guys like this? Yeah, right.

  • Hey Now

    Never talk to the Police.

  • BeckyBoo

    The guy is an idiot as well as the people in McDonalds. He wasn’t even inside the resteraunt. Why were they even watching him instead of eating their food? There are 3 big windows in every free standing McDonalds so there were plenty of other places they could have focused their attention. The food in front of them would have been a start. He wasn’t bothering them or loitering near their vehicles, just another example of whimpy people who get bothered by any small thing. I am sure everyone of them has popped a zit before.

    • Russ

      Yeah BeckyBoo, how about if someone shoves their zit-laden kisser in your face and says “here ya go, ’cause you’ve popped a few yourself!’ And then gives a hard SQUEEEEEEZE and then *POP!*, a wad of white pus lands on your cheek.

      You have it coming to you, just don’t look. It’s that easy!

    • Russ

      Say Becky Boo, have I seen you on the People of Walmart site? Sure I have.

      • Carol

        Really Russ people on walmart site? Jerk.

    • White Cracker

      Yo BeckyBoo, you are either the idiot popping the zits or just admit it, this is your son, boyfriend, or sibling!! You nasty, I like it!! You wanna pop my zits?

  • roxanne

    Where do these people with disgusting manners come from? Imagine what their parents are like.

    • Jimjammajay

      They probably chew their toenails in Wendy’s

  • Berzrkr Grande

    If he’s outside he’s not contaminating anything (except his image). Can’t a man dezitify himself in peace?

  • Armed Patriot

    Maybe he was spraying the windows with PUSS… EWWWW.

  • Netninja

    We have become a country with no civlity anymore. No common courtesy. A land that refuses to acknowledge our Constitution and a choice to either pledge alligence to our flag and not sing our country tis of thee.
    We live in a country were people assume they are entitled to free everything and the roads are paved of gold from the evil rich people who don’t pay thier fair share of taxes while people who live below the poverty don’t pay any taxes and they expect to be spoon fed. It’s called a welfare state Look at what Britan is going through. That is a welfare state in Anarchy. Comming soon to a city near you.

    • icovert

      A man pops a zit and this is proof of a land on its way to anarchy? Wow. That’s a leap.

  • Jonathan Albert Hartley

    I know exactly what you mean veteran. I know exactly what you mean.

    And it really didn’t take long for it to happen either. Not long at all.


    If the pus from a zit happened to get in anyone’s food, it can only be called a culinary improvement because everyone knows the McDonalds toilets feed directly into a waste recycling center where your “solids” become Big Macs.

    It explains the taste and the sudden urge to defecate after eating McDonalds.

    When I get the urge to eat that garbage, I order the food and throw it in the toilet in the bathroom to bypass the middle man

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