Police Nab Alleged Zit-Popper Grossing Out Fast-Food Customers

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Definitely not lovin’ it.

A man accused of disgusting McDonald’s patrons by popping his pimples was under arrest after customer complaints led to a brief chase by officers.

It started Monday when customers of the McDonald’s located at 2404 Santa Barbara Blvd. alerted authorities to a man standing outside the restaurant for about 10 minutes squeezing away at the acne on his back. Events that followed with police ended in a brief chase and the arrest of the man, who allegedly gave a false name when confronted about the complaints.

Owen Lemire Kato, 23, was arrested on charges of giving a false name upon arrest as well as drug offenses, according to Cape Coral Police Department reports.

According to the News-Press.com website, an off-duty police officer confronted Kato about the complaints from customers. Reports say Kato said his name was “John Smith” before giving his real name, but then fled on foot before being chased down and tackled by the officer and other police on duty nearby.

The News-Press also reported the suspect was found to have a syringe in his pocket allegedly used to inject Oxycontin.

No reason for the public dermatology exercise was given.


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