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Despite what many box office analyst thought, Rise of the Planet of the Apes performed well above expectations pulling in $54.8 million in theaters.  That’s a huge number because this movie didn’t have the advantage of overpriced IMAX or 3D screenings that nowadays inflate totals.  Most experts had it coming in around 36 million and then fading away.   I, myself wasn’t too pumped to see this movie and really just wanted to know why that gorilla from the commercials wanted to fly the helicopter so bad.  Cinema geeks like me should have known better.  There was one single reason why this movie was a big success.  No, it wasn’t the good word of mouth, it wasn’t because the franchise had been around for forty years and it wasn’t the incredible work of Andy Serkis who once again brought the computer generated Caesar (the monkey) to life like he did before with Gollum in Lord of the Rings.  It’s a much simpler answer…  People love Monkeys!  Yes, that’s right we all love monkeys in the movies.  Think about it?  King Kong, big monkey.  Every Which Way But Loose,  drunk monkey.  Hangover 2, drug dealing monkey. And my personal favorite Grandmas Boy,  designated driver monkey.

We all love monkeys, but we will choose to “rise again” with them this weekend..?  If your going to the movies this weekend you have a wide variety of choices.  Let’s get the first one out-of-the-way because it’s the one I have no desire to see and that’s Glee Live! In 3D!  There’s not enough exclamation points in the world that would make me go see a bunch of people singing karaoke at a concert on film.  Thank god it’s only in theaters two weeks.  The next film released this weekend is The Help with the red-hot Emma Stone.  The film is adapted from best-selling book that tells the story of African-American maids in early-1960s Mississippi and the white families who depend on them.  I think this movie will be the box office champ this weekend pulling in a big number somewhere near $35 million.  Even though this is a chick flick I think this is a movie that guys will let themselves get dragged to because of the adorable Emma Stone.

The final movie getting released this weekend is the one I will be seeing, 30 Minutes or Less30 Minutes or Less stars Jessie Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Nick Swarsdon and Danny Mcbride. It was directed by Ruben Fleischer who made a big splash with the genre buster Zombieland.  Now unfortunately I don’t think this movie will be the box office champ this weekend but it will be the funniest movie in theaters this weekend.  Eisenberg and Fleischer showed us that they could make the zombie apocalypse funny and dare I say it, sensitive?  (Come on who didn’t feel sorry for Woody Harrelson’s character Tallahassee when you find out that it wasn’t his dog that he lost.)  This time they will try to make a raunchy crime caper that we haven’t seen since the early 1980s.  Then you add Mcbride to the mix as the movies villain.  How could this movie not be funny.  Plus Nick Swarsdon had a flame thrower in the trailer so I’m in for sure!! Until next time.. and don’t forget to check out the The Couch Potato Commentater on Facebook.


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