I hate to be that old guy that says “Back in my day” but here we go.  Back in my day when I used to to go to the movies one of my favorite things to see besides the feature itself was the coming attractions.  I would get there early just to see what the future would hold for me at the movies over the next couple of months.  Well thanks to the internet all that trailer magic has been ruined.  Most of the time I have seen all the trailers that are ahead the movies these days months in advanced.  So there’s no excitement at all for the coming attractions I see these days.  Another problem is why do I need to see 6 trailers for movies I have already seen before the movie even starts.  The last couple of times I have been to the movies it took almost a half hour for the movie to start because the audience was subjected to the Cowboys and Aliens trailer or Emma Stone ask if Ryan Gosling abs are photoshopped. Enough already! I got babysitters on the clock and time is money.

That’s why I have loved these past two weekends at the movies because we got to see exclusive trailers that were attached to certain prints of the films.  First we saw the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises trailer that was attached to Harry Potter that was awesome.  Yes I know there was only dialogue and a few flashes of Bane but that trailer created such a buzz for next summer.  People weren’t just talking about movie but the trailer as well that was in front of it.  Then we had Captain America this past weekend.  The movie itself was awesome and I highly recommend going out and seeing it and there are two trailers exclusively attached to the movie.  The first was the trailer for The Amazing Spiderman.   Now I thought this trailer was just okay.  It didn’t really show much and I think it’s too soon for a reboot but there is money to be made and if Sony doesn’t do anything with the Spiderman property and it will default back to Disney who purchased Marvel.  Now for the second trailer the audience got a real treat if you stuck around after the credits.  There was no secret scene this time which the marvel movies are known for but a secret trailer for The Avengers.  This trailer was awesome because it showed all of our favorite heroes on-screen together.  It wasn’t old footage from the other movies but fresh new footage of our heroes in action.  I had the feeling of excitement at the movies that I haven’t felt since the internet took over.

Studios should think about not releasing certain trailers on the web and have them attached to certain movies so you have to go to the theaters to get a glimpse.  I remember buying a ticket to see Meet Joe Black just so I could see the trailer for The Phantom Menace.  Now the only thing I remember about Meet Joe Black was Brad Pitt getting hit by that car but I can remember exactly how I felt when I see the Star Wars trailer on the big screen.  Also if I’m at a rated R movie, show the red band trailer.  If I’m about to see a funny, dirty, or violent movie let me see some funny, dirty, or violent trailers that can really show the audience what the movie is about.   Don’t forget to check the Couch Potato Commentater fan page on Facebook  and click the like button.  Until next time.

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  1. Roxanne says:

    Hey TM –
    Great article. We can relate to haveing a sitter on the clock! LOL!
    Question for you. Why do I see trailers that have that super funny moment then when I go see the movie, that part is no where to be found? So annoying. Really feel robbed of a great movie moment when that happens. Do you know what I mean? Feel like I see a lot of that kind of douping lately at the movies. Love to hear your thoughts!


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