I’m sure some of you are like me, and when you check your makeup and hair in the bathroom mirror in the morning and you look great. That is until you step outside and the awful Florida humidity begins to take effect. Slowly your hair starts to frizz and your makeup begins to melt away, and that’s all before you’ve even had your first sip of coffee. Well I have lived in Florida my entire life and understand, and here’s some tips from my favorite magazine, PEOPLE Style Watch on how to beat the heat and look great all summer.


Protect your hair!

Condition at the beach or pool- Make sure to coat hair with a leave-in product before swimming. It will help keep your locks from drying out and protect color from changing.

Cover up in the sun- It’s important to shield your hair from harmful rays. Using styling products (like hairspray) with UV filters of a UV protector helps. The best protection: covering your head with a hat or scarf.

Get out the chlorine- Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to get rid of chlorine build-up.

Stay Frizz Free!

Here’s how to look polished– whether you’re straight, wavy or curly.

Straight- Apply an anti-frizz spray or cream to damp hair before blow-drying.

Wavy- Use a texturing foam on damp hair to give tousled body and light, touchable hold.

Curly- Work a curl-enhancing foam into damp hair to add shape and protect against humidity.

Tip: Rub some sunscreen into your hair like Lauren Conrad does. It protects your skin and your hair!


Make your look melt-proof!

Go for lightweight products- Switch to sheer foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. Heavy, goopy formulas will absorb the makeup you put on top of them.

Pick the right texture- Go for cream shadow or make powder shadow last longer by applying it with a damp brush. Use a stain lip color– it won’t budge.

Try waterproof or long wear formulas- For ultimate staying power, they’re your best bet!

Tip: Use lip balm with SPF to protect those kissers.


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