Prepare for Your Hangover Jack Sparrow

hangover pirates Prepare for Your Hangover Jack Sparrow

Despite bad reviews The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise sailed away this weekend with a pirates booty of $90 million.  Enjoy it now because it will not last.  The “wolf pack” is back in The Hangover 2 and even with an R rating – I expect the film to easily dominate the box office this weekend.  I know some people are skeptical about how funny a new Hangover adventure will be, but I for one think those people are a bunch of haters.  Everyone from my parents to my interns around the office are dying to see this movie.

The boys from The Hangover 2 aren’t the Pirates real enemy though.  Kung Fu Panda 2 opens this weekend as well and will take a big chunk out of the family geared audience that flocked to On Stranger Tides this past weekend.  That means that not only could Pirates lose it’s number one spot but it could also slip all the way down to the #3 spot.  I expect to see a huge drop off for Pirates and when the dust clears I think this installment of the franchise will be the least profitable of the series.  Sorry Jack Sparrow, you’re just not as cool as you once were.

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