Here’s a tease of CW44’s NEW Fall shows.

“Hart of Dixie” tease (Monday, 9pm)

This new show seems like a very real, down to earth kind of show with a lot of heart. It’s from the creators of the O.C. and Gossip Girl and stars Rachel Bilson. Bilson’s character is a recent medical school graduate who gets left half of a medical practice in a small Alabama town. After trying to land a job in the city, she soon finds out that is not where she is supposed to be and takes over the medical practice that she has been left. The show follows her as her world begins to change. She begins to see patients as people and although she does stick out in that small town, she realizes that she is really starting to help people. In my opinion, I think the show looks very entertaining and from what I’ve seen has a good storyline.

“Ringer” tease (Tuesday, 9pm)

This new show is a very smartly written drama with one of my favorite television actresses, Sarah Michelle Gellar. The main character, (Gellar) plays identical twin sisters, one whom is a recovering addict and one whom seems to have it all. When the sister whom seems to have it all mysteriously goes missing, the recovering addict steals her identity and takes over her life… what could go wrong?!? She soon realizes what she knew about her sister was all a lie and now she is stuck in the midst. With faked relationships, faked deaths, someone out there trying to kill her, I have a feeling this is going to be a great show and one that I can’t wait to see.

“H8R” tease (Wednesday, 9pm)

This new reality show is called “H8R,” pronounced “hater” has Mario Lopez as the host. The premise is actually pretty genius, the show puts trash-talking “haters” face to face with the celebrity that they talked trash about.  The show I saw previews for has Kim Kardashian and Snooki meet their “un”fans to see if they have the guts to say the same mean and hurtful things that they had said behind their backs to their faces. Looks funny and enlightening. I’ll be interested to see if all these “un”fans change their tune.

“The Secret Circle” tease (Thursday, 9pm)

This new show is about a teenage girl who has a boring, normal life. Ok, well maybe just at first, that is until her mother is killed to keep a secret. She now has to move away and live with a relative in the town where her mother grew up. She soon finds out a lot of things that she doesn’t know about her family… magical things.  A group of teenage witches and warlocks meet her and know that she alone is their key to all of their true magical powers. We all know how crazy teenagers can be, just imagine them with magical powers. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one comes together.


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