Ladies, leave your men at home, gather your girlfriends and head to the movies to check out “Something Borrowed,” based on Emily Giffin’s best-selling novel. Love it or hate it, it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. You’ll leave the theater asking yourself; “What matters more, friendship or true love?” and “Can friendship survive deception?”

The story centers on Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), a plain-looking, conservative, successful New York attorney, who is living in the shadows of her lifelong BFF Darcy (Kate Hudson) . Rachel is loyal, kind and incredibly passive to the larger than life personality of party girl Darcy.  Rachel stands idly by as Darcy prepares to marry Dex (Colin Egglesfield), her college crush and the guy Darcy stole from her.

However, things change after Rachel’s 30th birthday, when she drunkenly lands in the arms of her BFF’s fiancé, Dex. We learn that feelings were… and still are mutual. From there, Dex and Rachel spend the summer trying to hide their love from friends, as they continue to prepare for Dex and Darcy’s impending wedding. Only mutual friend Ethan (John Krasinski) seems to catch on and attempts to be the voice of reason. We later learn he has some feelings of his own to deal with.

Despite that none of the characters are particularly likeable and you really can’t root for anyone, the movie is surprisingly entertaining and relatable. On one hand, Rachel is whiny, naïve and should have dealt with her feelings for Dex a long time ago. Then again, Darcy is such a self-indulgent space cadet you kind of hope to see her lose out for a change. I mean, she sort of deserves it, right?

And, though these characters are exaggerated, I don’t think it is far-fetched to imagine that many groups of girl friends have that one girl who always seems to get what she wants… and another living in the shadows.

Sure “Something Borrowed” is packed full of romantic comedy clichés, but it’s also packed with funny one-liners, a bit of drama and some guys that are very easy on the eyes. All in all, it’s a light-hearted movie that is perfect for your next girl’s night out. So head out with your girls and prepare to take sides in a battle of not-so-good vs. kind-of-sort-of-evil, and enjoy.


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