Yeah that’s right I said it.  BIGGEST SUMMER BOX OFFICE EVER!!!!  Two years ago when the Hollywood writers strike happened I told anyone who would listen (which was usually just my 2 year-old daughter and her stuffed animals) that the summer of 2011 would be the biggest summer we have ever seen.  When production ceased in 2009 all the big Hollywood projects missed their windows for release so everything got pushed back to the summer of 2011, thus creating one of the most highly anticipated summers at the box office in a long time.  

There are 10 potential movies that can easily go over the 200 million mark at the box office. Just look at this list:  

Kung Fu Panda 2
The Hangover 2
Transformers 3
Cars 2
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
X-Men The first Class
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
Captain America
Cowboys and Aliens

All these can reach that mark with a few even hitting the 300 million mark.  There are also other contenders that could make their mark this summer like The Green Lantern which has had some special effects issues but does have the charming Ryan Reynolds in the lead.  Also you have Super 8, an original story which is hard to come by in this group of movies that has movie god Steven Spielberg and fan boy favorite J.J. Abrams involved.  Don’t forget about the women because they love movies too.  Both Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and The Help based on the bestselling Novel starring the red-hot Emma Stone could also pull in some descent dough.  My personal picks for this summer would be Captain America, The Hangover 2, Super 8, and Thor which I will be seeing this weekend.  So let’s all hope we can afford to put gas in our cars this summer so we don’t miss any of these entertaining movies at the box-office.


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