Chris Brown: America’s Sweetheart

Oh Chris Brown. Just when I thought there was nothing to write about but Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown decided to sit down with Robin Roberts. By now most of you have seen the interview where Roberts asked Brown about his past troubles, and when I say troubles I mean when he beat Rihanna to a pulp. Brown seemed visibly annoyed and said he just wanted to talk about his new album. Then after the interview he trashed his dressing room, broke a window, skipped out on his second performance and walked out the front door shirtless.  This jerk just doesn’t get it, and one of the reasons is Brown got off easy. He received no true punishment for his violent actions and was actually given a standing ovation at the BET awards during a Michael Jackson tribute this past year. After Brown left the GMA studios shirtless he tweeted that we was sick of people bringing up the past.  What’s this guy talking about?  He hasn’t had to talk about what he did at all, and if anything I think people have rushed to quick to forgive this guy. Just go look at the pictures leaked of what  Rihanna looked like after the assault. If any of you people out there have daughter, sister, or even a close girlfriend you should be disgusted with this guy and turn off the TV when you see him on it. I applaud Roberts for badgering this guy, he deserves it. I’m not saying never forgive  Brown. I’m just saying never forget what Brown did and that is  he violently attacked a female much smaller than him and now he just wants to talk about his new album.  So America think twice before you buy into the Chris Brown brand.


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