I know everyone wants to read about how Charlie Sheen got fired but I’m not going to write about that.  The dude is crazy and that’s that.  The person I feel really bad for is Jon Cryer.  Cryer is the innocent bystander in this whole Sheen spiral.  I’m a child of the eighties so I grew up to Jon Cryer dancing around record store in Pretty in Pink and posing as a high schooler in the underrated Hiding Out. After some poor career choices including Superman IV, Cryer seemed to fade into obscurity only to come back in a big way playing the uptight Alan Harper on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men.  He won the Emmy in 2009 for his work on the show and now he is left in limbo.  Charlie has definitely killed his career but he may have done the same to Cryer.  If the show comes back,  which I personally think is a bad idea, Cryer will take the blame if it fails.  People will say he was not as funny as Charlie or he can’t hold a show on his own.  If I was Cryer, I would hope the show doesn’t come back.  That way Cryer is seen in a sympathetic light and would have the job offers lining up.  The projects would also not involve a machete-wielding costar with tiger blood running through his veins which would be a good thing for Jon.  With all the talk of legal action getting thrown around by both sides maybe Cryer is the one with the biggest beef and the most to lose. We are rooting for you Duckie!!!

124139  pretty in pink l 300x225 Crying for Cryer


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