“Just One Kiss!!”

I hope you’re all ready for the latest recap of this week’s Gossip Girl episode.. can you say jam-packed? I think it’s just what we needed though, considering new episodes don’t start again until April 18th.

Let me start by saying Chuck’s wardrobe this week was less than stellar. I was not a fan, especially of that horrible red blazer. I kept waiting for him to take it off… lol. Despite Chuck’s choice of attire, he actually surprised me by telling Raina the truth about her dad, Russell, and his plan to blackmail Lily. Luckily, Raina overheard everything as she hid in the kitchen. Now Lily’s turning herself in and Russell Thorpe is going back to Chicago. Good Riddance. Lily appears to finally be doing the right thing as she sets out to clear her conscience and Ben’s record.

Things with Ben and Serena this week definitely got awkward. Ben’s avoiding her and Serena’s getting nervous. It doesn’t help that Ben’s mom, Mrs. Sharpe, is in town and she still blames Serena for his little stint in prison.. go figure! We found out that Ben’s mom was who searched Serena’s room for the affidavit Lily forged Serena’s name on. Eventually, Ben and S broke it off. I can’t say that I’m sad to see Ben go. They were all wrong for each other.

Now, let’s finally get to Dan and Blair’s kiss! This relationship is in the cards, my friends. First, they make plans to secretly hang out at the art exhibit by accidentally bumping into each other. They both get cold feet and decide to stand each other up. Then, they coincidentally run into one another on the street while standing each other up!? Talk about fate! This wonderfully exciting episode came to the perfect (yet extremely frustrating) end: Dan and Blair shared a kiss. Ah, cliff hangers!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Lily, as well as Dan and Blair when Gossip Girl returns after its six week hiatus from our favorite Upper East Siders.


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