Ok so the first time I saw this video I really enjoyed it. I think that she looks gorgeous and that certain parts of the video were really eye-catching and interesting. I loved the solo red lips singing while surrounded by black, also the very long and ornate white dress with the silver arm bands. Annnnnd Imma have to get me one of the bullet belts that she had on in the opening sequence… Super hawt!!

Buuuuut I was a little surprised to see so much product placement in her video, starting with a plug of her very own Radiance perfume. She also plugs Sephora’s Make For Ever, Sony and PlentyOfFish.com. In my opinion, Britney has enough money..  so why would she cheapen herself by getting paid to have name brand products in her music video? Did anyone else notice this too? Rewatch it and you will not be able to miss them.

I was also a little disappointed with the dancing scenes. There were a little too many cut-aways and I feel like I didn’t get to see her dance as much as she usually does in her videos.

But I would like to end this post by saying, Britney could pretty much put anything out there and I will enjoy it. I’m just happy she has hair again and is performing and making music, but come on she is the princess of pop, she needs a little criticism.


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